Having been reduced from $16 million to $14 million in one fell swoop earlier this year, the listing Kirk Hammett’s 4,200-square-foot home at 308 Sea Cliff Avenue was officially withdrawn from the MLS a few months ago without a reported sale.

And this afternoon, 308 Sea Cliff Avenue was listed anew with an official “1” day on the market and a non-reduced, according to all MLS-based stats, list price of $13 million.

At the same time, the adjacent 5,200-square-foot home at 320 Sea Cliff Avenue, which is also held in trust by Metallica’s attorney, Howard E. King and had been listed for sale on the same day, and by the same agent, as 308 Sea Cliff Avenue and sports a selection of horror film posters (which Hammett is known to favor) and a guitar (ditto) in its lower-level media room was just withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale as well.

320 Sea Cliff was purchased for $8 million in 2010, five years after Hammett paid $5.7 million for 308 Sea Cliff Ave.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Jon

    Judging by the photos, 308 doesn’t have views of the GG bridge.

    In the alternate universe where I am in a position to afford something within spitting distance of Sea Cliff, I would at least want a view of the Bridge if I’m gonna be in that neighborhood.

  2. Posted by anon2.5

    Horrible staging, if that’s even staging.

  3. Posted by Notcom

    Not a very flattering street presence: looks like substation….a poorly landscaped substation.

  4. Posted by Eddy

    Some kind of monster cut

  5. Posted by oh my

    I wonder, was this the old house of the cartoonist Marty Links that did “Emmy Lou”…everyone on this board is way to young to remember or know…just interested.

  6. Posted by pal

    Love this house.

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