430 Horseshoe Hill Bolinas

Built for Katherine Marsh as a retreat for artists, musicians and writers, the Bolinas compound known as Briarcombe hit the market earlier this year listed for $3.8 million.

Designed by architect Jeff Morse and constructed from reclaimed redwood, the four structures on the 3.4-acre property incorporate both Japanese and Crafstman styles, with “tranquil vibe(s),” forest views, and a solar panel array that can power the entire estate.

Yesterday, the sale of 430 Horseshoe Hill Road closed escrow with a reported contract price of $3.65 million. No word on whether the buyer plans to maintain the “artist-musician-writer” vibe and use.

430 Horseshoe Hill Bolinas - view

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Sam

    The artist vibe will evaporate for a tech vibe.

  2. Posted by Hunter

    Wow, a truly stunning property with a pricetag that actually seems reasonable. Would be amazing if this is reopened as an artist / writer’s retreat or residency.

  3. Posted by adrean

    Founder of etsy and Flickr bought it. Nice lady apparently. The .com’s have replaced the hippies.

    • Posted by Sam

      Not surprising, I hope the techies leave us Guerneville at least, where properties can still be had for reasonable prices. Otherwise I guess it’s off to Oregon like the hipsters/artists have already done

  4. Posted by Zugamenzia Farnsworth

    Not sure of the deet’s but brings to mind the “Fleetwood Mac” / “Make sure you use a preponderance of wood” “And get a big long-haired dog” architecture of the seventies through early eighties. I have to say the period can grate on my nerves, but this place does pack a certain aesthetic “joie de vivre” IMO.

    I’m thinking one might even be able (if they had limitless funds, etc, not that I do) to inhabit this without remodeling it to pieces. But personally I’d probably tone the interior design way way down: wouldn’t really try to compete with the views and the woodwork (which mostly I like, except for around the doors and windows).

  5. Posted by sethgreen

    this home was owned and built by a very rich heiress who had a penchant for inviting artistic types over for events. say what you like about the artist/trust fund/tech types but bolinas has always been occupied by those with independent funding and the bay area has always been a mix of art and tech. accept it for the lovely melting pot that it is….

    btw i rented this for a weekend off of vrbo a couple years back. it’s an amazing property if a little wacky layout. that main house is basically a one bedroom with an amazing fireplace/kitchen.

  6. Posted by Jeff Morse

    I built this for a true patron of the arts with an amazing local crew of talented boat builders and carpenters in phases between the late 70s and early 90s… It was a wonderful collaboration for all involved…

    • Hi Jeff,

      What a wonderful experience it was for me to work with you and the team on the main house. Thank you.

      I’m still building boats!


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