It’s About Time

Two months ago SocketSite highlighted the PMI Group’s Economic and Real Estate Trends report that indicated a 39.5% likelihood of decline in the San Francisco real estate market over the next two years (and a ten-year price appreciation of 2.3%). Two months later Kiplinger’s generates a ton of buzz... Read More »

Win A Pre-Fab Studio

Win A Pre-Fab Studio

FLOR is sponsoring the giveaway of a 600 square foot Flatpak studio home (including assembly). All you need is the land. And to win. We’re in. · FLOR Sweepstakes Online Entry Read More »

525 Gough: No Sell Out

525 Gough: No Sell Out

Although showing a list date of 7/06/05, 525 Gough #405 has been on the market for at least four months (all the while at a list price of $1,025,000). This unit is quite possibly the only one not to be sold by the developer (out of 21). And as... Read More »

Flipping The Bank Of America Building

Last year, San Francisco’s Bank of America Center was sold to a group of New York investors for $825 million. Now, according to the New York Times, “the 52-story reddish-brown granite tower is said to be going on the market again. This time, the sellers are hoping that the... Read More »

Googleite Land Grab

Apparently newfound Google wealth has created a bidding frenzy in Atherton. According to the RealEstateTimes, “More than half a dozen Google employees have bought Atherton houses for between $3.5 million and $17.8 million since September.” And one local broker estimates that “25% to 35% of recent upper-end home sales,... Read More »

We Paid Them Off

According to Money magazine and CNN/Money, San Francisco was merely a “contender” in their ranking of “Best places to live 2005″. Mill Valley, however, managed to make the top ten and we actually feel sorry for them. Can you imagine what would have happened to local real estate prices... Read More »



Upping the ante from just one exclamation point to two (and adding an “OFFERS ANYTIME”), unit #1501 is the latest condo in 199 New Montgomery to advertise a reduced asking price (a whopping 1.2%). And yes, Reduced! unit #506 that we profiled a month ago is still on the... Read More »

These Go To Eleven

A RealEstateJournal study of 2,000+ first-time homebuyers identified the eleven “satisfaction milestones” of buying a home. We’re still trying to figure out how to get past number one (Dreaming). ∙ First-Time Buyers Ride Emotional Roller Coaster Read More »

Et Tu Brute?

The senior vice president and chief economist for the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® recently penned an article for Realtor® Magazine titled “Keep a cautious watch”. The three trends he suggests we keep a cautious eye on: ∙ Speculation: This form of investing can be risky when buyers go out... Read More »