Oakland Kitchen Remodel (Image Source: SFGate)
“A person might think that taking down walls eliminates cabinet space. While it’s true that the new kitchen doesn’t have traditional upper cabinet space, it more than makes up for it in efficient storage walls and drawers. All of the cabinets are along one wall, wrapped around double wall ovens. Under the countertops along the wall and on the island, the designers installed drawers for plates, pots and pans.”
Dramatic Oakland kitchen remodel melds influences of Asia, Africa [SFGate]

5 thoughts on “JustQuotes: Not For Sale (But Perhaps For Inspiration)”
  1. Click the SFGate link to see details. The TV-over-sink is quite inventive and works well.
    Yes, the oven is too far from any cooktop. To make it worse, the stoves are hidden away and too far from most of the counter top and either of the sinks.
    Unfortunately, I don’t think they cook much when the TV-over-sink is the highlight of the kitchen.

  2. Are many BA kitchens done with horizontal grain direction on cabinet doors? I think I have seen photos of others here, but because of resolution.
    I don’t think horizontal is popular in Pac NW.

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