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No Ice For You!

We hate to even mention it (it’s already gotten more than its fifteen minutes of fame), but in case you were actually wondering, Icer Air 2005 (a.k.a. the Fillmore Fiasco) has been CANCELLED. Here’s your chance Potrero. · Pacific Heights ski jumping canceled · Ski jump event up... Read More »

Condo Investing Myths

Ready to cash in on the condo craze? Not so fast. Three condo investing “myths” as dispelled by CNN/Money: Myth 1: Get in early and you’ll be guaranteed a profit. Remember the lust for Internet IPOs? Ordinary investors bid up the stocks of hot little companies that hadn’t even... Read More »

Mortgage Warnings

We were pleasantly surprised to learn about a brochure titled, “Shopping for a Mortgage? Do Your Homework First” (jointly published by the National Association of Realtors and the Center for Responsible Lending). And then we read it. Considering the General Counsel of the Center for Responsible Lending was quoted... Read More »

Real Estate Subterfuge

This is the kind of stuff that makes our heads hurt like a Slurpee induced brain freeze. Hell, we’ll be the first to point out that there are numerous reasons not to read too much into the July DataQuick numbers (it’s just one data point). But we take exception... Read More »

Got Street Trash?

Got Street Trash?

A tip from the SFHomeBlog: …somehow things end up on the sidewalk in front of our houses. Sunset Scavenger won’t take them away with the trash, so what do you do? Call the Department of Public Works by dialing 28-CLEAN. Give them the location and description of the trash... Read More »

A Clue From Down Under?

A Clue From Down Under?

Ever been to Sydney, Australia? It’s beautiful on-the-bay living in a geographically constrained, internationally desirable, and damn expensive city. Sound familiar? So when JPMorgan goes on record stating that house prices in Sydney are overvalued by 37%, and due for a correction, we sit up and take notice. For... Read More »

Survey Says…

We need a bigger audience. SocketSite’s first “Highly Scientific Real Estate Survey” garnered slightly fewer responses than we hoped (well okay, a lot fewer). Considering we’re tracking around 10,000 views a month, and doubling every 30 days, you’d think that we might get a little more love participation from... Read More »

Can You Feel The Love?

A group of bloggers (the “Blog Squad“) have organized to provide coverage of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) convention in San Francisco this October. According to Inman News, the ringleader of the group has obtained NAR permission for bloggers to attend the press briefings, but has been unsuccessful... Read More »

Opinion Survey: Last Chance

Have an opinion about where the San Francisco real estate market is headed over the next two years? Willing to challenge the “Industry Experts”? Today’s your last chance to take SocketSite’s Highly Scientific Real Estate Survey (a whopping four multiple choice questions). Come on people, every vote opinion counts.... Read More »

Inman Stories Matures

Inman Stories Matures

Inman Stories has undergone a major growth spurt since we first highlighted it last month (Online Home “Porn”). Stories is now a full-blown digital magazine featuring “Spaces” (i.e. properties), “Places” (i.e. neighborhoods/areas), and “Faces” (i.e. real estate movers and shakers). We were particularly excited to see the recently added... Read More »