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We Paid Them Off

According to Money magazine and CNN/Money, San Francisco was merely a “contender” in their ranking of “Best places to live 2005″. Mill Valley, however, managed to make the top ten and we actually feel sorry for them. Can you imagine what would have happened to local real estate prices... Read More »

These Go To Eleven

A RealEstateJournal study of 2,000+ first-time homebuyers identified the eleven “satisfaction milestones” of buying a home. We’re still trying to figure out how to get past number one (Dreaming). ∙ First-Time Buyers Ride Emotional Roller Coaster Read More »

Et Tu Brute?

The senior vice president and chief economist for the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® recently penned an article for Realtor® Magazine titled “Keep a cautious watch”. The three trends he suggests we keep a cautious eye on: ∙ Speculation: This form of investing can be risky when buyers go out... Read More »

Online Home “Porn”

Online Home “Porn”

It was inevitable. First those corner magazines full of airbrushed pictures (e.g. Real Estate Times), and then those steamy online virtual tours. And now, short little films. · Dream Homes Read More »

Only in San Francisco

All of a sudden our so called housing “shortage” is starting to make sense… Joshua Brody and his wife, Juliana Grenzeback, have been married for seven years, but they have never lived together. Grenzeback lives in a neat, pleasant house in San Francisco. Brody lives across the street in... Read More »

Understatement Of The Week

Sounds all too familiar: “Lots of people are putting impressive amounts of money into their houses,” said Mark Scott of Mark IV Builders in Bethesda at a recent remodeling seminar…“They don’t have any money in the bank,” he said, but they’re not worried because they’re counting on future appreciation.... Read More »

Overstatement Of The Week

From SF Gate: “Who would have guessed the best-looking new housing complex in SF is across from the Cow Palace?” Answer: Not us. And we wouldn’t have been wrong. Kudos to the Mercy Housing California, Carter Terrace is a great addition to the neighborhood. And we applaud all the... Read More »

The Supreme Court’s In The House

Last Monday the Supreme Court squashed a long running challenge by the owners of the Hotel San Remo in North Beach concerning a $567,000 fee they were required to pay to the city in order to convert their property from rental units to hotel rooms. Having already lost legal... Read More »

Unclear On The Concept

Making money through arbitrage (e.g. flipping) is dependent on an inefficient market. Condo Flip™ is attempting to create a marketplace for builders, buyers, and sellers, in order to make transactions more efficient for the flippers. Wait a second… Read More »