We need a bigger audience. SocketSite’s first “Highly Scientific Real Estate Survey” garnered slightly fewer responses than we hoped (well okay, a lot fewer). Considering we’re tracking around 10,000 views a month, and doubling every 30 days, you’d think that we might get a little more love participation from our readers (not to be confused with a little love from NAR).

So we’ve decided not to completely embarrass ourselves by revealing the total number of completed surveys we received (suffice it to say that we needed more than just our fingers to tabulate the results, but that the super computer is sitting idle). We will, however, share a couple of survey results…

1. The majority of respondents (63%) predict an increase in housing prices through the end of 2007.
2. Californians remain more positive about the San Francisco housing market than non-Californians.
3. Agents remain more positive about the housing market than non-agents.
4. Only one brave soul was willing to go on record and predict a “popping” of the “bubble” sometime over the next two years (and it wasn’t even us).

Thanks to all that participated.