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More ‘Manhattanization’ Of San Francisco: Paying More For Parking

It’s a double parking whammy as underutilized downtown surface area parking lots are replaced by new housing developments with more people than parking spaces. “Parking demand in San Francisco is rising daily,” said. “The ‘Manhattanization’ of downtown parking will be complete with the opening... Read More »

JustQuotes: Not Too Scary In San Francisco (Unless You’re The One)

“In the nine-county Bay Area, 3,383 households received default notices in June, more than double the 1,460 in June 2006. Alameda and Contra Costa had the highest number, with slightly more than 1,000 such notices each, followed by Solano with 557 default notices.” “Contra Costa County had 1 foreclosure... Read More »

JustQuotes: When (Not If) Rates Rise What Will Happen To Prices?

“Buyers are finding it more difficult to finance purchases because of higher mortgage rates and stricter lending standards, Freddie Mac said. The average U.S. rate for a 30-year fixed rate home loan probably will be 6.7 percent this quarter, according to the forecast. That’s the highest level so far... Read More »

JustQuotes (And A Note): And Yet Money Is Still Relatively Cheap

“The average rate on 30-year fixed-rate loans climbed to 6.74 percent for the week ending June 14, from 6.53 percent the previous week. That marked the biggest one-week increase since July 2003….Doug Duncan, chief economist for the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), expects mortgage rates to top out near 7... Read More »

JustQuotes: They Say Bifurcated, We Said Bipolar (A While Back)

“It is a bifurcated market, with continued brisk sales of homes in desirable neighborhoods, especially in the $750,000-and-up range. At the same time, lower-priced homes, and houses in outlying areas, are simply not moving — in large part because tighter lending standards, a fallout of the subprime loan crisis,... Read More »

JustQuotes: Ellis Act Eviction Battle Ends (But The War Continues On)

“Tenants of a six-unit North Beach apartment building have lost a round in their three-year battle against eviction by landlords who want to sell the units as tenancies-in-common….The case is being closely watched by property owners and renters as a test case for tenancies-in-common, in which residents collectively own... Read More »

JustQuotes: The Showcase, The Event, And The (National) Impact

“1771 North Point is a down to the studs total overhaul (remodel doesn’t do it justice) and the showcase home for the Pacific Coast Builders Conference.” (The “Marina Green Showcase” Hits The Market) “Numbers are down this year at PCBC The Premier Building Show, a major homebuilders conference at... Read More »

JustQuotes: A New Vision For A Hunters Point Neighborhood

“In a joint venture with partners Devine & Gong and Ridgepoint Non-Profit Housing Corp., Stewart and his team are proposing to raise $300 million to demolish a 267-unit public housing project on a Hunters Point hillside and replace it with a roughly 667-unit mixed-income neighborhood. The public housing would... Read More »

Soma Grand VIP Release Tomorrow (5/12/07)

According to a “plugged-in” tipster, the Soma Grand “VIP priority purchase” is tomorrow (5/12/07) starting at 10AM. “Selection priority is based on the date we receive your loan approval and your attendance at the sales office.” And yes, it’s ahead of the public (non-plugged-in) release. ∙ The Soma Grand:... Read More »

Just Quotes: Old School Advice (And A Calculator)

“As a general guideline, it’s best not to spend more than 2-1/2 times your income on a home. Your total housing payments should not exceed 28% of your gross income. Total debt payments, meanwhile, should come in under 36%. That means payments on all loans, including your mortgage loan,... Read More »