“Tenants of a six-unit North Beach apartment building have lost a round in their three-year battle against eviction by landlords who want to sell the units as tenancies-in-common….The case is being closely watched by property owners and renters as a test case for tenancies-in-common, in which residents collectively own the building and share the mortgage.”
“Allowing tenants to challenge Ellis Act evictions on the basis of violations of unrelated laws frustrates the purpose of the act, which is to permit landlords the right to go out of the rental business….[I]n addition to a possible appeal, the tenants will continue to oppose the eviction with several other claims that are still pending in Superior Court.”
North Beach tenants lose eviction ruling [SFGate]
Court: Real estate law not applicable to evictions [FogCityJournal]

3 thoughts on “JustQuotes: Ellis Act Eviction Battle Ends (But The War Continues On)”
  1. this lawsuit is a waste of time by the tenants of this property.
    They need to move on… they should take their 3 years of not paying rent which they should of saved and buy something to live in.

  2. If tenants want places to rent, they should stop suing the people who take the risk of investing in rental property. The outcome of all these ellis act battles is more ellis acts.
    Owners think I better dump this now, before it get harder, and my property is worth(less).
    All the nice landlords I have worked with over thw past 15 years have sold and gotten out of the rental business. The only one out there buying is Skyline. Soon this town is only going to have one or two landlords left.

  3. “Soon this town is only going to have one or two landlords left.”
    Thanks for the laugh! We’re going from more than 100,000 now to one or two, very soon. Too funny!

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