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SocketSite Gathering: November 15th, 2006

Our thanks to all the “plugged in” readers who expressed an interest in attending a casual gathering for those considering a contemporary renovation (or tackling a modern new build). The date (Wednesday, November 15) has been set. And you do need to RSVP… Read More »

Coming Soon: Another Possibility In Potrero?

Coming Soon: Another Possibility In Potrero?

Two months ago we gave 2130b 24th Street two thumbs up (“A Possibility In Potrero?”) and provided our readers with the inside scoop: 2130a (the top two floors and ~1,800 sqft) would hit the market in a couple of months. Well, according to a tipster, 2130b sold after just... Read More »

A Gathering Of “Plugged In” People

We’ve been working on a number of gatherings for our “plugged in” readers, and we’re off and running with a reader’s email as a theme for the first: My fiancée and I are interested in finding, buying and, using an architect we respect very highly, expanding and doing a... Read More »