Plans to redevelop the 6,000-square-foot parking lot at 530 Turk Street are in the works. And as envisioned by JS Sullivan Development and rendered by rg-Architecture below, an 11-story building would rise up to 115 feet in height upon the Tenderloin site, adjacent to the 108-unit below market rate (BMR) development nearing completion on the corner at 500 Turk.

The project as proposed would yield 100 condos, a mix of 20 studios, 70 one-bedrooms and 10 twos, with a 700-square-foot retail space fronting Turk and off-street parking for 25 cars and 100 bikes. And while the 530 Turk Street parcel is only zoned for development up to 80 feet in height, the project team is positioning for a State Density Bonus to allow for the additional height, in exchange for which 24 of the units would be sold at below market rates. We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

12 thoughts on “Bonus Plans for Infill Condos to Rise on Turk”
    1. 500 Turk is next door with even more units. Two developers seem to have some sort of faith in the market.

    1. Is it, though? You’ve got the Federal Building across the street, The Phoenix Hotel, Whitechapel, Brenda’s, Chamber’s, & Emperor Norton’s – all within one block.

      1. have you walked by the federal building after 8PM.? its full of drug dealers and people passed out high

  1. Replacing surface parking lots like this in the TL and SOMA is both an addition and “addition by subtraction.”

    An openly accessible parking lot like this is just begging for illicit activity, including drug use in between / behind cars, loitering, theft etc. Some blocks of the TL had their parking removed entirely a few years ago because it was such a problem

    So, not only does that problem go away, but hundreds of new residents, a retail space, lighting, security etc are added. Huge upgrade!

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