Having hit the market priced at $695,000 just two weeks ago, the resale of the “gorgeous” and “efficient” one-bedroom with a den unit #305 in the Rowan at 338 Potrero Avenue, which “exemplifies modern living,” has already closed escrow with an “over asking” contract price of $760,000!

On an apples-to-apples basis, however, the resale of 338 Potrero Avenue #305 represents total appreciation of 0.0 percent over the past five years as the unit was purchased for $762,000 in February of 2017, but that’s better than the outcome for the unit above (#405) which traded hands for 1.8 percent less than its 2017 price last month.

And yes, the widely misquoted “San Francisco” index for condo values is up 22.2 percent over the same period of time.

4 thoughts on “A Fast “Over Asking!” Sale at an Early 2017 Price”
  1. I so hate distorted photos. My first thought was that the kitchen lacked a dishwasher, but I eventually figured out that the four-foot-wide (seemingly) monstrosity to the right of the sink cabinets is actually a 2.5′-wide dishwasher. Which means the place is a lot smaller than it looks in the first photo.

    But I think they were lucky to get it sold, there is a LOT of one bedroom inventory on the market and much of it isn’t moving.

    1. Distorted photos are sort of a gift to the home seeker: they let you know that the space is cramped without needing to visit in person.

  2. Re: distorted photography … although I’m a commercial photographer, I don’t do architectural work. However, I know the problem they’re dealing with. You want to show as much of the room as possible, so you basically have two choices – back up really far, or use a really wide angle lens. You can almost never back up as far as you’d like, so that means you’re stuck with using a lens that’s going to distort.

  3. I’m glad you all are on the case about wide angle photos. These sellers should really start using all of the other available means of displaying a wide view of a room in a single image.

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