Designed by David Stark Wilson and built on a 1.4-acre (Lower) Claremont Hills lot back in 2007, the modern 4,775-square-foot home at 54 Vicente Road, which is now buffered by an orchard of fire resistant olive trees, hit the market priced at $12 million in May of 2020.

A glass hallway separates the home’s suite of bedrooms from its vaulted living spaces, with a central courtyard and solar-heated pool and spa between the two wings and a 600-square-foot in-law apartment, with sweeping Bay views, above the detached 3-car garage behind the main home.

And having been reduced to $8.975 million last June, with an interim reduction to $9.995 million in November of 2020, the sale of 54 Vicente Road has now quietly closed escrow with a contract price of $8.65 million.

9 thoughts on “Modern Claremont Hills Home/Estate Fetches $8.65M”
  1. “Claremont Hills” is redundant as the whole Claremont neighborhood is in the hills. (The word even means “hill” …no )
    That having been said, it might actually be useful to verify which city it’s in…as the city limits b/w Oakland and Berkeley in this area don’t follow streetlines ( or even lot lines).

    1. Disagree. The triangular area bounded by College Ave, Claremont Ave and Derby St is flat-ish, and I would call that Claremont.

        1. Elmwood is the neighborhood centered around Ashby and College. 54 Vincente is about a block into the Berkeley City limits from Oakland. And yes, locals call it Claremont or Claremont Hills as in Claremont Avenue and that big old white building built in the 1910s just down the hill from this house. The areas a few houses north, east, and south of this part of Vicente are with Oakland city limits but mail addressed to those living east of the Claremont Hotel but within Oakland have a Berkeley mailing address. Realtors like to advertise “Berkeley address without Berkeley taxes”.

          1. PS. It’s not Rockridge. “Rockridge” is the flat area of Oakland centered around the BART station of the same name. Upper Rockridge is the neighborhood mainly east of Broadway, south of 24, and west of 13. East of 13 is Montclair with sub-neighborhoods Merriewood, Glen Highlands, etc. Or if you’re really snobby, you say you live in the Piedmont Side of Montclair which is the narrow strip of Montclair between 13 and the Piedmont city limits.

          2. Thanks; tho my 54+ years of dealing with the titles first hand tells me no one really use anything other than “Montclair” (for the E13/S24/NJM area) once they’re out of range of a realtor’s voice…the exception to this being, perhaps, Piedmont Pines, which has had a resurgence lately.

            But back to the original point: neighborhoods aren’t precisely defined – even when cities attempt to do just that – so we’ll always have to agree to disagree where one starts and another stops; if you feel any useful info was added by afixing “hills” to a neighborhood that’s mostly “hilly” and translates (in most Romance languages) as “clear/bright + hill” then you’ll likely agree with the title. I’ll disagree.

    2. Good advice, but this address is entirely in Berkeley. Its eastern lot line coincides with the Berkeley/Oakland boundary.

  2. This home is actually in Claremont…just outside the Claremont Hills border. Either way, it is super nice up there…

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