The two-story, roughly 16-foot-tall building at 1930 Market Street, which is currently home to UCSF’s Alliance Health Project (AHP), the lease for which is nearing the end of its term, is now being marketed with a $5 million price tag.

That being said, the UC has two five-year options to extend their lease for the space and has recently performed a number of capital improvements on the building, which would suggest they’re planning to exercise said options.

But the existing building sits on a 10,415-square-foot parcel which is zoned for development up to 85 feet in height, not including any density bonuses, which occupants and owners of the surrounding buildings and dwelling units, particularly those on the eastern edge of LINEA, which overlook the site, might want to keep in mind.

5 thoughts on “Upper Market Street Site In Play, Zoned for More Height”
  1. When Linea was built, the developer purchased the air rights over the adjacent building on Market St. (the one which houses The Mint (bar) and a sushi place) and Linea actually extends out over part of that parcel.

    So while occupants and owners of units on the east side of the Linea building may indeed have a new (and tall) neighbor one day, it will never be right next door, they will always have almost 50 feet of open space as a result of the single-story building next door which cannot get any taller. That’s my understanding/recollection, at least.

    I also think it’s unlikely that UCSF will be leaving any time soon, or that the economics of residential construction in SF will justify some developer buying out their lease to construct something sooner. So it will be interesting to see if anyone is willing to pay $5 million for a site they can’t build on for at least a decade. Maybe, since they’d be able to use that time to navigate the lengthy entitlement process.

    1. Ain’t it the truth! So many things in San Francisco have a calculus around timelines. AKA “is tho thing worth even bothering with since by the time I’m done I’ll be so much older.” That sadly even includes something as simple and mundane as transiting Van Ness Avenue!

    2. The design of Linea leveraged the angle of the parcels and relatively low heights of the adjacent buildings to provide eastern views. And while it wouldn’t be a lot-line wall, building up to 85 feet in height upon the 1930 Market Street parcel would have a rather dramatic impact on the Linea units that currently overlook the parcel, as should be evidenced by the lower image we provided above.

  2. So excited about the future of Market St. It’s steadily getting better. More density and all of the foot traffic, lighting, security, landscaping etc that comes with it. More bike and transit-friendly, and less car-friendly.

    They are starting a six month project in Upper Market on Thursday to add bulb-outs, improved light timings, and other traffic safety measures as well.

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