Purchased for $1,795,000 in August of 2017, the 1,317-square-foot unit #23D in the Infinity tower at 301 Main Street, a signature two-bedroom, two-bath with Bay Bridge and water views has just resold for $1,945,000 having been “listed” for $1,999,000 two weeks ago.

The resale represents total appreciation of 8.4 percent for the signature unit since the third quarter of 2017, or roughly 2.1 percent per year, while the index for Bay Area condo values has increased 7.3 percent over the same period of time.

And having sold as new for $1,479,000 in March of 2008, the signature unit has appreciated a total of 31.5 percent over the past 13 years, or roughly 2.1 percent per year, on an apples-to-apples basis versus a 48.5 percent increase in the index for Bay Area condo values.

16 thoughts on “Appreciation for a Signature Condo with Bridge Views”
  1. I wonder what idiot thought having a sink right next to the stove and putting the counter space on the other side was a good idea? I guess they’ve never actually cooked anything before. Or know how splashing water on a hot stove could start a grease fire.

    1. I’m fine with the counter space (buffer). In fact unless the wall surface is heat resistant, wouldn’t that be some kind of requirement ??

    2. Good point. That kitchen looks perfect for opening takeout boxes, not much more. Also, in a “luxury” building, you’d think you could get an under-counter style microwave instead of looking at the microwave sticking out of the cabinets.

    3. Soooo many kitchens in new condos clearly designed by people who don’t cook. Sinks in corners/against walls are elbow-bangers and leave no space for a dish drainer. Limited to no counter space adjacent to stoves. not enough storage space for pots & pans / dishes / pantry staples. A lot of “luxury” everything else like ginormous bathrooms, but still crappy kitchens.

  2. Standard top row cabinets with accommodation for an exhaust hood. Looks like the building is missing accommodations for kitchen exhausts? So they stuck in an extra-wide microwave to plug the hole.

    1. Gas appliances are required to have external exhaust for the combustion gases. I’m sure this building has them.

    2. Huh? That’s a standard over-the-range microwave which incorporates the exhaust fan for the range below it. I’m sure it exhausts out like it’s supposed to. This is pretty standard, many if not most non-custom kitchens use a combination microwave/exhaust fan over the cooktop or range.

  3. Bridge view? The only thing I see is another ugly highrise blocking the view from this unit.

    1. You’re not looking too hard. I see the west approach, 3 towers, and the center anchorage. (But I know you’re really just being a troll.)

  4. What were rates in 2008 when this sold? Market was super tough then and it just came out of the ground. People don’t live in these units – they just stay occasionally so not sure what they say about the market.

    1. I know multiple people who own and live in this property (and another who lived there for years before finally selling and moving to suburbia.) I’m sure there are a few of the non-residents you refer to, but not sure I’d believe it’s anything close to a majority.

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