As we outlined at the end of last year:

Purchased for $1,055,500 in June of 2017, the 819-square-foot unit #11G at 401 Harrison Street, a “highly coveted corner 1br home w/ water & marina views at The Harrison,” returned to the market priced at $1,149,000 [near the end of 2018].

In addition to Siberian oak flooring and high-end appliances in the kitchen (Sub-Zero, Bertazoni), the unit comes with a parking space in the garage and a private wine locker in the building’s tasting room.

And having been relisted for $1,195,000 [in October of last year], the list price for 401 Harrison Street #11G [was subsequently] reduced to “$995,000” and its listing updated to note: “Offers due 12/29/19 by 7:00pm.”

Having failed to secure an acceptable offer, the highly coveted condo was withdrawn from the MLS in January and then relisted anew last month with an “original” list price of $998,888.

And the re-sale of 401 Harrison Street #11G has now closed escrow with an “over asking” contract price of $1,000,000, and only “48 days on the market” according to all industry stats and reports, but down 5.2 percent on an apples-to-apples basis from the second quarter of 2017.

21 thoughts on “Apples-To-Apples for a Coveted One-Bedroom with Views”
      1. I heard that floors are measured from the address level, so from Harrison. Maybe someone can correct me.

        Last time I went, I recall that lobby up the side alley is on 6th floor. This would make unit up on 5th floor from lobby, but still high enough for some good views.

        1. Ah, OK, Harrison must be 20 feet lower than One Rincon at the base. Still, that is equivalent to 3rd floor in One Rincon for plenty of freeway right under your nose.

    1. The water views are real but you’re also looking right at the freeway to the South (concealed by the bottom up shades) and it can be fairly noisy at that level / in that direction.

    1. That’s funny! I didn’t get what you meant at first from looking at the SS photos – until I clicked on the RE listing. Wow, it’s really thick. The condo will be a breath of fresh air after passing through all that.

  1. How do real estate agents quantify “highly coveted”, so they know when they can honestly use that term in listing copy? Is there a rule-of-thumb?

  2. is this building part of the same development and HOA as the nearby building known as “one rincon hill”, or are these separate developments / entities.

  3. “…and a private wine locker in the building’s tasting room”

    That’s a brilliant idea. Instead of creating per-unit “cellars in the air” (i.e. mini fridges with temperatures set above 38F) in each unit, create a larger shared amenity. Not only is it a lot more spacious and space efficient, it gives resident wine enthusiasts an opportunity to share information and tastes. Kudos to the developer who dreamed that one up.

  4. Speaking of apples-to-apples in the Harrison, the 1,2856-square-foot, two-bedroom unit #13C, which was the former model home in the tower and was purchased for $1.625 million in October of 2017, has just re-sold for $1,599,999 having been listed for $1,699,000 in May.

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