While the number of homes listed for sale in San Francisco plummeted at the end of March, following the issuance of San Francisco’s original stay-at-home order, inventory levels were already back to within 5 percent of their levels at the same time last year as of earlier this week, despite some misreports to the contrary.

And if the current trend holds, there will be more homes for sale in San Francisco by Monday than there were at the same time last year, and that’s prior to the local stay-at-home order being lifted (which is currently slated to occur at the end of the month and after which inventory levels are poised to jump).

At the same time, pending sales activity remains down around 50 percent on a year-over-year basis in San Francisco.

4 thoughts on “Inventory Levels Poised to Jump in San Francisco”
  1. Some people seem sure that we will have a vaccine in a year, but some other disease like the common cold (which is also a coronavirus) have resisted our vaccine efforts for decades . My friends with bio expertise are also saying that this will be a much longer slog than some of the optimistic opinions going around would suggest.

    1. Other coronaviruses like the one you mentioned aren’t as deadly, so the motivation for pharma companies to do the sustained research to develop and produce a vaccine is a lot more focused and intense. Although I agree with you that a vaccine will take longer than the optimistic opinions from folks who want more than anything for things to return to normal would suggest.

      You’d think the Chinese would be the ones trying to get out in front of this since unlike in the U.S., the Chinese can implement specific industrial policies without being held back my “free market” ideology.

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