The signature penthouse unit atop the historic Clock Tower Lofts Building at 461 2nd Street hit the market in the second quarter of 2016 with a bit of fanfare and an $8.5 million price tag.

Positioned as the “ultimate San Francisco trophy property,” the 3,000-square-foot unit is currently configured with two bedrooms on its main level, around which an additional 1,300 square feet of private patio space wraps, and three levels within the clock tower, including the clock room itself.

And having been reduced to $6.995 million in the third quarter of 2016, to $6.25 million in 2017, and then to $6.0 million in September of last year, the list price for the “must have” penthouse has just been further reduced to $4.995 million, or roughly 41 percent below its original list price, a sale at which would be consider to be “at asking” according all industry stats and aggregate reports.

27 thoughts on “Trophy Penthouse Now Listed for 40 Percent Less”
  1. I can’t wait until Bernie Sanders is President, so we can confiscate “trophy properties” from the rich and redistribute them to the poor.

          1. Every poll shows Sanders beating Trump by large margins, more than any other candidate, and has the highest support among independents among any other candidate running in the Dem primary.

          2. Since you appear to be an FDR fan, this would be a good time to brush up on the ‘Literary Digest’ case for a tutorial on the Perils of Opinion Polling. President Landon would appreciate it.

          3. the only polls that matter are in the swing states. national popularity doesnt mean anything. The primaries shouldve started in swing states so we could more quickly weed out someone like bernie

          4. Not so fast. In just about every swing states there are more registered Democrats than Republicans. It’s a matter of who can get them excited enough to get to the poles. That’s how Trump won after all. Independents? they are fed up with Trump as much as they are wary of Sanders.

    1. yes who among us wouldn’t want to climb a bunch of stairs to reach a navigation center?

      I remember Victor Hugo having something to say about making poor people sleep in clock towers.

  2. Although I think the developer or subsequent inhabitants have made some poor but rectifiable aesthetic choices with this unit, it’s still a special place and a great home for the right person. It would be very magical to live in.

  3. According to Zillow it was bought for $710K in 1993. Surely they’ve put in some money since then, but the sellers will do just fine at only $5M!

    [Editor’s Note: “Some” would be an understatement.]

  4. I assume the owner is required to offer access to the clock for maintenance…or are they actually required to maintain it themself ??

    1. What makes you think the clock even works? It’s obviously broken even in the marketing photos. That’s the punch line here: as interesting as this apartment is, it’s remains a really weird, inconvenient and hard to maintain property that is inches from a busy freeway. There are many real trophy properties in SF and I can’t count this among them.

      1. You’re probably right (about the clock); I was basing my question just on the first picture, but on looking at the interior shots I had some doubts: there’re some kind of rods b/w the clock faces and whatever-that-is in the middle of the room, but none of it looks robust enough to be an actual clockwork. (and the hands don’t seem to be showing the same time on each face)

      2. I live in the building. The clock works. Now, perhaps that is a result of continuous staging for the sales attempts? But anyway, I find it convenient as I bike home down 2nd to get a quick time check.

        Having toured the penthouse at an open house, it is definitely not for everyone, and it is definitely a trophy property.

  5. Is the rooftop view terrace private? It’s weird that they state the deck patio is private view but NOT the roof top terrace. It appears that the roof top terrace is common area but the pictures make it seem as if it’s private. Does anyone know?

  6. I almost bought this property back in 1991 for $710K when the developer Rick Hoilday brought it to market. It was nice enough then but it still needed work. Back then the property was a bit raw so I decided to pass and purchased a property a block away. The current owner/seller bought the property a short time later. I’ve know the current owner for years. He and his wife spent a lot of money improving this property and if you have a chance to visit it during a open house the improvements are noticeable.

    This is a unique property to say the least. The 360 degree views are incredible and interesting due to it’s location just a few feet away from Hwy 101 and the BB. And the actual clock room is a fascinating space to just to sit in and ponder the world outside.

    I know you enjoyed the space while you had it. It’s was a fun property to sit in and share a Martini….Best of luck with your sale TB….

  7. Certainly those railings around the stairwells can’t be up to code. That’s the kind of thing I roll off of when I’m drunk lying on the floor.

  8. Well you get fantastic light since it is open on four sides with no tall buildings around, but I can’t imagine living with the freeway noise.

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