Plans for a six-story, mixed-use development to rise up to 65 feet in height at 4200 Third Street, between Innes and Jerrold Avenues in the Bayview, have been newly rendered and reviewed.

While a portion of the site is zoned for Light Industrial use, a zoning which would currently preclude its redevelopment for housing per the existing Bayview Industrial Triangle Redevelopment Plan, an Area Plan which was adopted back in 1980 and is actually set to expire next June, a variance to allow the full project to proceed as designed and rendered by Workshop1 is expected to be approved by the Commissioners of San Francisco’s Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure this afternoon.

As such, the development could yield 85 apartments – a mix of 20 studios, 35 one-bedrooms, 25 twos and 5 threes – over 6,000 square feet of new ground floor commercial space, tentatively divided into six separate spaces which could be merged, with a garage for 34 cars and a 6,500-square-foot rooftop open space for the residents at 4200 Third Street.

In addition, the project as proposed would yield a suite of streetscape improvements as well, including the planting of new street trees and public benches along Third.

16 thoughts on “Bayview Rising: The Plans for 4200 Third Street”
    1. 19th Ave was just a regular avenue until it was widened decades ago. Mostly SFHs and a few businesses. You’d have to buy out existing homeowners and change zoning. Not going to happen.

      Remember, if you add density you’re going to add traffic, regardless of whether off street parking is included in construction. Unless there is magically a subway under 19th Ave to quickly move people around you’re going to see more cars on the roads. As for Geary, NIMBYism has spoken. No rail. No height.

      1. I’m glad I don’t share your pessimism. What a depressing way to think about the future of our city. I believe we can and will build many more homes along Geary and 19th Ave together with improved transit. And there’s a lot we could do with just red lanes, signal priority and more 28/28R service; that said, 19th Ave is a likely routing for a future BART tunnel as well.

      2. this would be great on Geary, but transportation from the richmond to downtown is horrible. we need a subway to add density. 45 minutes from inner richmond to downtown on the 38 geary is not 1st world transportation. new transportation needs to go underground.

    2. Geary – yes. 19th – heck no, it’s a parking lot as it is. The best thing that can happen to 19th is a tunnel from Park Presidio to ~Ocean Ave. 19th Ave could then be faster for bus and local traffic, and cleaner for area residents (perhaps even with a treed median, as there wouldn’t need to be 3 lanes each way).

  1. Great looking project. Hopefully, they can fill that retail with some interesting neighborhood-run businesses. Bayview has a ton of talented, creative people in it but unfortunately, not a lot of it shows up on 3rd.

    1. They need to fix the transit situation down there. There’s really no excuse that the T line doesn’t have signal priority or reliable frequency. There really are tons to talented creative people down there starting interesting businesses, but they’re hard to get to from other neighborhoods.

      1. I agree! Transit is hard even if you live in the neighborhood. I just moved back to SF after being away for 20 years and man did they mess up transportation in this neighborhood. They need something in addition to the T line. It should not take an hour to get downtown. The 15 third was more efficient.

      2. I wonder how much the switchbacks and Mission Bay Loop will help improve this? The fact that they currently have to send the train all the way down the line before turning back is insane—esp with lower frequency ridership.

  2. Great project and a good addition to third. Hope it doesn’t presage further changes on Jerrold because Flora Grubb (just down the block) is my favorite thing in the Bayview.

    1. As we noted above, while the existing Bayview Industrial Triangle Redevelopment Plan currently limits the potential redevelopment of industrial parcels with the plan area outlined above, said plan is slated to expire next June. And the industrial parcel which Flora Grubb Gardens currently occupies is one of the parcels upon which residential development would subsequently be allowed.

  3. Nice. Maybe All Good Pizza across the street could move out of their open-air trailer space and into that new retail space.

  4. Carpenters Union Local #22 has finally broken ground on its HQ/union hall which is to be relocated a few blocks up the street from its current Dogpatch location at 18th/Third Street (Willie Brown Blvd) which latter site will then be redeveloped as residential.

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