Sited on a nearly one-acre Chabot Park Highlands parcel in the Oakland Hills, the unfinished 19,000-square-foot home at 11270 Lochard Street is now back on the market as “a rare opportunity” to finish as you please.

Designed with seven bedrooms, including a 3,600-square-foot master suite, and bays views, but “without regard for costs so no expense was spared,” the list price for the unfinished project is now $7.15 million having failed to sell when listed in a similar state with a $6.0 million price tag back in 2017.

And according to the listing agent, they’re now looking for “buyers that want the journey of bringing this home into its final form, or investors that want to finish the home and sell it for more than twice the purchase price.”

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Notcom

    A strange part of town to build a hotel sized house….in all of its OSB glory.

  2. Posted by c_q

    no expense spared? then why so much OSB in there?

  3. Posted by Francesco Benvenuti

    Gee, all that money and your stuck with your neighbors at a few feet from your house…

    • Posted by Notcom

      Not sure who’s really getting the short end of the stuck…er stick, here, but your point is noted. Why place it just a Babe-Ruth toss away from that house on the left? It’s true you can’t buy taste, but for just $69.95 you CAN buy an optometric exam (+ glasses) that will tell you it’s too close.

      • Posted by Jeffrey W. Baker

        The application for both 11270 and 11280 were filed on the same day by the same person. Not sure which house is which.

        • Posted by Notcom

          The house on the left is 11266, est. price $1.287M (no doubt $1.3M+ if not for the ‘annex’ overwhelming it.) 11280 is listed as a vacant lot…presumably that empty space on the right downwin….sight of the behemoth.

          • Posted by SocketSite

            The home’s nearly one-acre parcel encompasses both lots (11270 and 11280).

  4. Posted by Sassy

    City rezones this parcel and finishes as 12 unit apartment building with minimum 3 highly affordable.

  5. Posted by Jeffrey W. Baker

    The permits for this monster date from October 2004 at which time it was described as a “new 10,000 sq. ft. sfd with 3,000 sq. ft. basement, and 3,000 sq. ft. attached garage”. If it’s actually 19000 square feet, that’s an issue for the building inspector and the tax assessor. Speaking of the tax assessor there are over $100k in back taxes owed. The lot is zoned for four units and it’s over half an acre. I agree with the idea of building at least a dozen dwellings here.

  6. Posted by SFMichael

    All I can think of when I look at this … thing is ‘Why?’

    Why build such a large monstrosity? Why build it right on the edge of the property line and on top of your neighbor when you could build when you have another half acre on the other side of the property that isn’t next to anything? And why build it with a 1/4 of the house having a view of the oak tree that is close enough to reach out and grab?

  7. Posted by RySF

    Include the house to the left in the price as a tear-down and you may have some takers. How on earth did the neighbors ever agree to being on view 24/7?

  8. Posted by Shawn Maguire

    looks like a tear down to me. No water, no sewer and no power..

  9. Posted by Jim

    This appears to be 11270. And 11280 appears to be the lot to the south (right) where the two construction trailers are; thus the close distance to the pre-existing house with the red roof. Looks like this monster will get jammed on both sides.

  10. Posted by Shawn Maguire

    Looks like a 6 million dollar tear down to me. The most important thing missing is what permits have been signed off? It’s going to need fire sprinklers. I don’t know anyone who can see the project coming in at any reasonable profit margin for that kind of cash investment.

  11. Posted by Sid W

    Rich people are so weird

  12. Posted by Philip

    Possibly someone trying to launder money, and now they wish they had gone to Louie da Leg-breaker instead?

  13. Posted by Shonkin

    I wouldn’t build anything larger than a tool shed on that terrain. Get a couple of wet years in a row and the whole kit and caboodle could slide down the hill.

  14. Posted by Cynical

    No sane person is going to purchase this. OSB is great but not here and leaving it open for years. No warranties. No reputable contractor will want to be associated with it.

    Are we sure this wasn’t teleported in from LA because that’s what it looks like.

    Its worth the land value less the tear down cost.

  15. Posted by Miraloma Man

    Egad, it looks just like a Hampton Inn.

  16. Posted by Friendly neighbor

    Went there with my girl, snuck past the fence, and walked around the side of the house to look at the view and “Inquire” about the house. 15 minutes later about 6 Oakland goons with dreads are pulling guns out saying “get off our property,” none of which look like they can afford a 7 million house 😩😂😂

    drug operation?

    • Posted by Ohlone Californio

      You went trespassing on a multi-million dollar home in the Oakland hills, and you’re the one passing judgment on the people who told you to get off the property? And somehow black folks with dreads can’t have money? In Oakland. What a weirdly racist take.

    • Posted by Melina Spears

      Very racist comment

  17. Posted by Donny

    What kind of questions should I ask the City of Oakland City to build a 4plex on a vacant lot filled with trees near Keller Ave?

    Thanks for any help.

    • Posted by sockettome

      I’d start with – Am I in over my head?

    • Posted by Notcom

      Yeah, it’s hard to know where to begin…
      Do you actually own the property or is it something you jog by every day and are interested in ??
      Is it zoned for that ??
      Is it buildable ?? You’re in a hilly area next to a fault line so there’s seismic, – landslide, and – wildfire risk (of course that would be true for any construction at the site)
      What kind of trees are they ?? Oaks are protected, and any kind of tree other than eucs or pines could be an issue if you need to remove a lot of them.

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