Set behind an unassuming privacy fence and garage at 745 Lakeview Avenue sits a landscaped courtyard and entrance to a renovated 672-square-foot, two-bedroom cottage.

The home’s remodeled kitchen has been outfitted with Sub-Zero and Thermador appliances, Caesarstone counters and Kona-finished cabinetry. Its bathroom sports an original tub surrounded by new subway tiles. And through one of its bedrooms one reaches the deck.

From the deck, one can step down to a second deck and garden, which has been planted with over 35 varietals of roses, watered by way of a remote irrigation system fed by a 250-gallon rain barrel. It is a product that anyone can undertake with the correct tools, and the know-how for this type of building project. And if they aren’t sure, there are local contractors who can give expert advice whenever they need it, such as whether they should use galvanised gun nails and staples when building their deck and what kind of decking boards would be a good fit. The Decking is an excellent feature for a garden. Not only does it add another outdoor area for the homeowner, decking is also easier to maintain than a grass area. Of course, decking may need a composite batten to keep it in good condition. To understand more about the benefits of decking battens, it might be worth visiting a website similar to, for example. It’s no wonder that this home has decking, it can make a garden look much nicer.

And while the potted roses aren’t technically fixtures of the property, they can be written into the sale of 745 Lakeview – which has just hit the market priced at $898,000 – “if [the] buyer can lovingly care for them.”

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Notcom

    What a sensibly sized, fixtured, landscaped and – yes – priced house.
    So when comes the big reveal this a reprint from 1996?

  2. Posted by haighter

    wow that’s lovely. can anyone speak to what the street and neighborhood are like?

    • Posted by some other dave

      Quiet street at the top of a hill. 4 steep blocks to Target and the K. 1 steep block to the 29. It seems they are looking for overbids.

  3. Posted by Brisket

    That’s a nice block with cute cottages and great views. Many years ago I got outbid on a cottage a couple doors down and was ultimately glad about it because it is a hike to anything, especially public transportation.

  4. Posted by bachman_erlich_overdrive

    Beautiful little home with a view and cute as a button. It’s a bargain!

    It’s 672sf priced at nearly $1,200 psf a block south of Ocean in Balboa Park. It’s a bargain?

    Well-presented, regardless. Lovely deck and outdoor space. Good luck to the seller.

    • Posted by Curious

      No sh#t, I recently looked at 1357 Brussels St, which is also cute, but without the high end finishes or view. They are asking $1,400 psf.

    • Posted by Notcom

      Well, yeah, but….

      would it be a better deal if it was 15K gsf @ $9M. Apple/apple comparisons make a lot of sense if you’re comparing office buildings, but after seeing one needlessly bloated – media room, 5th bedroom, more bathroom sinks than common sense – property after another on here, I think I’m ready for the unit of interest to be “house”: Thag want house; Thag see house; house cheap…GOOD HOUSE !!

  5. Posted by James

    I lived about 3 blocks away from this place between 2014 and 2017. On the plus side, you can walk 10 minutes to Whole Foods, Champa Garden (good Thai food) and Target / Wallgreens. And it’s about a 15 minute walk to Balboa Bart. A bit further down is the Excelsior, where you can get a good burrito at El Farolito. On the downside, the neighborhood is cold, foggy, and windy most of the year. The walk down to Bart is fine. The walk back, against the cold wind, is miserable. Also, you are cut off from the rest of SF if you drive, and will be stuck in traffic on 101 or 280 with all the commuters, unless you go over the mountain on Portola.

    There are visible differences between homes on the southside and northside of Ocean Ave, and even on the street itself. The liquor stores and transients tend to be on the south side, and many of the homes on the bottom streets are paved over and are in need of repair, while northside homes physically look nicer. Just drive around and you will notice it. I don’t know the crime stats for either portion of this neighborhood, but I always felt safe walking around, and never had any issues (on either side).

  6. Posted by realtor

    People priced out of crazy Sunset/Parkside homes have the greater Ingleside as an option. Or Excelsior/Portola/Silver Terrace/Outer Mission. That is pretty much the next notch down the price ladder of SF. Even then, nice Portola is pushing well into the 7 figures as well as Mission Terrace.

  7. Posted by katdip

    Excelsior and mission Terrace are both pushing over $1M for fixed up (ie. flipped) homes. Otherwise expect 800-900K for a fixer-upper.

    • Posted by Ohlone Californio

      Disagree. I think a well loved, shall we say, Mission Terrace house will easily get over 1M right now. Even if it has dated and worn everything. Doesn’t matter. A lot of the housing stock over there has good bones, and people can see that.

      • Posted by katdip

        We’re not disagreeing at all – my point and yours is that there aren’t really “bargains” in Mission Terrace or Excelsior any more. Your data may be more recent than mine – last I looked most decent houses (either refreshed or rehabbed) were over $1M, while the ones that needed a lot of work weren’t much cheaper. My street (in Mission Terrace) had it’s first +$1M house about 6 years ago, and that was a total gut/rehab that they bought for less than $500K. But I don’t think you’ll find many more of those.

        • Posted by Ohlone Californio

          I was over at my friend’s house in Mission Terrace last night watching the basketball game. He got his off-market from the landlord he’d been renting it from, for 1.125. Great deal. Nice house, good bones, but rental stock really, and it would’ve gotten 1.4 on the open market IMO. Then I look at ones like 42 Cotter. Cool house, but totally dated interiors, 1.435M. Or 833 Cayuga, 1.5M, cleaned up for sale but original details and older amenities. For me I think Mission Terrace is going to be like ~1.5M for a decent liveable, well loved house these days.

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