With the singular proposal to redevelop the 30-acre Fort Winfield Scott campus in the Presidio having been thoroughly panned by the staff of the Presidio Trust, as we first reported last month, the proposing team has been granted a chance to “update and clarify” its plans for the site.

As such, the Presidio Trust Public Board of Directors meeting which was scheduled for next week, and at which the Board was slated to render a go/no go decision, has just been pushed back to June 19, with time allotted for another round of public comments and the Board’s decision expected that evening.

The proposing team has been aiming to secure control of the Fort Scott Campus by the fourth quarter of 2021, start work on the $200 million project by the end of that year and complete the redevelopment in the fourth quarter of 2023.

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

5 thoughts on “Proposers of Presidio Redevelopment Given Another Chance to Pitch”
  1. This is WeWork’s to lose. The Board gave them a free pass into the final round, they’ll only need to pay minor lip service to the staff’s objections in order to move forward. I’d give the proposal a 95% chance of being approved.

  2. They need to outsource the transportation plan to Muni or Uber. Makes no sense to plan for transit to a small area of Presidio without leveraging existing routes. Otherwise, you’ll get 3 round trips to transbay and everyone else will take Lyft/Uber anyway.

  3. wework is a terrible idea as it will massively increase traffic daily in a national park. We should be looking to make presidio car free instead of going in the other direction. the presidio is one of the only “escape” left in the city. please dont ruin it.

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