The Edinburgh Castle at 950 Geary Street is now on the market with a $3.995 million price tag. In addition to the iconic bar’s building, the asking price includes the Castle’s business and liquor licenses.

And yes, the Tenderloin parcel upon which the 3,900-square-foot bar sits is zoned for development up to 80 feet in height, as touted in the marketing materials for the site.

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

23 thoughts on “Another Institution on the Market in the Tenderloin”
  1. Biggest dump I’ve ever been in…IIRC the washroom sink was a hose and bucket; ‘course, judging from the pics, they’ve fixed it up quite a bit since.

    1. That’s part of the charm. Some of us prefer it over a mixologist preparing $16 “craft” cocktails in an environment that could pass for a dentist’s office.

  2. The assumed plan — demolish and rebuild with seven stories of housing above another bar — is exactly what SF needs to do over and over again. Another institution can begin its story here, but with 100 new San Francisco residents living above it now.

    1. Also around the corner and down the block from the (actually iconic) Great American Music Hall, one of the city’s best karaoke spots (YamaSho), dozens of great restaurants and bars and cafes. A shelter negates all of that? No way (and besides, it’s better than rough sleeping on the sidewalk.) Plenty of people would love to live here.

      1. That stretch of Geary is still firmly Tenderloin and not Tender Nob. The lineup of [homeless] on Polk and Geary is a huge turn off.

        I really like Edinburgh Castle, and I hope that they find a new home. Many fond memories there. ?

        1. geary is definitley TL and not TN. Tenderknob is california, pine and bush, and in a few places, sutter might count.

    2. Yeah, I don’t get how a homeless shelter negates everything you’ve listed. Some people just prefer Walnut Creek, I guess.

  3. So glad I got to enjoy San Francisco when I was still reasonably young. I had many a fun evening here listening to friends’ bands. RIP Edinburgh Castle. RIP San Francisco….this town has all the charm of a Hayward vape store.

    1. Oh come on. There are plenty of fun, earthy places left. A Hayward vape store? Not that I’ve hung out in one but no way.

  4. Can’t wait until they turn it into a pretentious, expensive “artisinal” “local” etc. dump full of drunk techies and squealing bachelorettes, then will close in a year.

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