Built for the famed San Francisco restaurateur, Pat Kuleto, in 1995, the 6,000-square-foot “Villa Cucina” sits on 40 acres of prime wine country land, 4.5 acres of which are planted with mature Cabernet, Zinfadel and Muscat vines.

As one would expect, the centerpiece of the rustic five-bedroom home is an oversized kitchen designed by Kuleto, outfitted with commercial grade appliances, an indoor grill, a pizza oven and plenty of counter space. There’s another pizza oven, bar and dining area outdoors, along with an infinity edge pool and big Napa Valley views.

And having hit the market priced at $8.499 million this past May, reduced to $7.999 million in July and then to $6.999 million in October, the list price for the Villa at 2460 Sage Canyon Road in St. Helena has just been reduced to $6.15 million, down $2.349 million (28 percent) from its original ask.

13 thoughts on “28 Percent Cut for Famed Restaurateur’s Wine County Estate”
  1. I like this a lot, but is this thing built of stone? Maybe that scares off buyers, earthquake danger? Doesn’t seem like a bad price given the views location, vines, acreage and home itself. Not like I could afford it but I’m a bit surprised it keeps going down in price.

  2. “One-off custom home in the boonies with highly specific aesthetic choices (out of step with current market bias toward spare modern design) fails to sell at $1,400 psf and will languish at $1Kpsf. News at 11.”

    They should be glad to get anything more than 4.5mm for this place, and no, it doesn’t really matter how much they spent building it.

    4.5 acres of grapes? Sounds like too big to be a hobby and too small to be a business.

    Well, pool looks nice anyway.

    1. I think it will drop to around 4 as well. The only value I see is the property, view and pool.

      At the end of the day, to most buyers it looks like a crusty old 6.15 log cabin that needs to be demo’d and rebuilt. I envision spiders and cobwebs, not fantastic parties when looking at it.

  3. Buildings built of stone have to meet the same codes as any other material, so I doubt that’s an issue … at least not a legitimate one; a mountaintop (aka hart-to-reach) location – the same one that yields fabulous views and yes, helps reduce seismic risk – might be.

    But really: we’re worrying ourselves that what is basically a house – albeit a nice one w/ a large yard – is being offered for “only” $7M? There are whole counties in the Midwest that would go for less.

  4. Too bad Gandalf and Dumbledore are not real people. Perfect for a wizard, if nobody else.

    Plus, when I see these kinds of rural estates, one word comes to mind: FIRE.

  5. I like it, but if I bought it, it would only leave me with 1.5 million left. Plus I’m feeling poor being down 500K from last months stock market slide. Being rich can be so stressful.

  6. UPDATE: The list price for 2460 Sage Canyon Road has just been reduced another $151,000 to $5.999 million (which is now 29.4 percent below its original ask).

  7. I just got a breaking “News Alert” from the SF Bus Times. Apparently “Restaurant designer and owner Pat Kuleto is selling his “Villa Cucina” home in Napa Valley for almost $6 million”…

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