Built for the Eng-Skell Co. (which is now known as ESCO Foods) in 1930, the three-story Art Deco building at 1035 Howard Street provided laboratory, manufacturing, warehouse and office space for the development and production of flavoring extracts, soda fountains, toppings and syrups.

And having been deeded to Embarcadeo Capital Partners this past September, plans to renovate, expand and repurpose the historic building have since been drawn.

As envisioned, the building’s façade and interior will be renovated and partially converted from Production, Distribution and Repair (PDR) to general office use.  And the building’s mid-block storage structures along Russ Street would be demolished and a 35,500-square-foot addition would rise up to five stories in height, with a partial two-story addition over the existing Eng-Skell building and a new basement garage for 19 cars, all of which is being drafted by Lundberg Design.

And if approved as proposed, the redevelopment would yield 49,999 square feet of new Western SoMa office space, for a total of 62,652 square feet between the existing building and addition, along with 31,137 square feet of remodeled PDR space and the aforementioned garage.  We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

5 thoughts on “Plans for an Historic Renovation, Addition and Repurposing”
  1. Nice reuse of the historic building with the mid-block addition being an appropriate architectural complement to the original design. Only shortcoming is the lack of any effort to green the sidewalk level area around the structure. Again – the 49,999 feet of new office space. Why developers of these smaller projects don’t grab a chunk out of the large M pool and build more space is surprising. Especially as projects vying for the large pool may now not get built (5M) or may be delayed for years (Harrison Street proposals) in the likely event the Central SOMA plan is challenged in the courts.

    1. Because there is 980k available small office with 274k in line
      While there is 2.8million available large with 9.8 million in line

  2. I hope they find a way to keep the street parking on Russ Street NOT all of us walk ride bikes and scooters to work. There is also a shortage of parking on this block that was given over for bike lanes. These lovely NEW office buildings FORGET about delivery parking that block street access, Look at what goes on with Scoot bikes blocking Moss street the next street over from this project.

    It will be nice for one less place for the homeless to pitch up tents.

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