As we reported earlier this week, there are now nearly 70,000 units of housing in San Francisco’s overall pipeline of development, which includes all units which are under construction, permitted to break ground, entitled to be built or simply proposed.

And as newly mapped below, said pipeline includes 7,100 units which are currently under construction in San Francisco, which is 19 percent below the current cycle peak of 8,800 units under construction in the third quarter of 2015 but nearly 25 percent above the 10-year average and 13 percent more than at the end of last year.

And no, construction isn’t evenly distributed throughout the city nor is the pipeline of development overall.

14 thoughts on “Where They’re Building in San Francisco”
  1. So the uncolored regions like St. Francis Wood have zero new units under construction, right? I assume that’s not just “no data”.

  2. The next supervisorial redistricting after the 2020 census is going to lead to some interesting changes in the districts. D6 especially will shrink again, as will D10.

  3. Well in that pale green Mission swath it’s all just the beast on Bryant and adjoining MEDA tower. Why not just be honest and state the very few very obvious and too often very ugly that make up your numbers?

  4. I really love how many neighborhoods in San Francisco have ZERO new housing units under construction and then over 2/3rd’s of SF’s neighborhoods only have 1-36 units of new housing under construction. #WhyBuildHousing

  5. (Like the prior “where’s the beef?” Slogan)

    We need one that states “where’s the transit?”

    St Francis woods has empty lots and plenty of single story bank buildings and parking lots

    The sunset can easily be redensified but only if a new strategy of north-south mass transit that loops and links the west to the ne and se sectors of the city…

    Think big enough and the housing can become part of the transit and infrastructure developed systems.

    Who would buy a unit in Parkmerced if it takes you 1:30 min downtown or you sit in 19th ace traffic all day.

    Sloat Blvd will be soon bogged down as well, planners and the supervisors of these Westside districts need to play hardball Lon transit planning and dollars…

    1. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to fix transit in the Sunset, and for that matter it wouldn’t take a lot of labor or materials, either. It only takes will:

      * No through traffic anywhere on Judah. Local traffic only with mandatory turns.
      * No crossing traffic on Judah except at major avenues: 7th, 19th, Sunset.

      These two simple steps would at least double the throughput of the N-Judah.

      1. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination, but seems like our city has zero imagination, or political will to fix the transportation issues. How about an initiative that mandates transit capacity in place first, and up zoning second? Until then, building up only within walking distance to BART.

        As for the Sunset, Judah is fine with the separated rail lane and no left turn. It’s the wiggle at Irving St x Ninth Ave. where the train gets stuck in the mud. Making two blocks of Ninth and two blocks of Irving into a pedestrian mall would do wonders for the transit and the local businesses. But the car lobby is strong.

    2. “St Francis woods has empty lots and plenty of single story bank buildings and parking lots”?

      No it doesn’t. Where are there empty buildable lots? By single story bank buildings, I am guessing that is West Portal. The zoning height limit is 26 feet. So ripping up a bank to add one story isn’t going to happen.

  6. Who said one story on west portal, you can go up 6-7-8 min. KLM all join up there… it can take more density, and the business’s along west portal can use the foot traffic… Or they can see more repeat business and closed shops as new retail corridors come into play… (See Buckingham and Crespi part of SFSU and Parkmerced’s proposals) which will suck more life out of the other retail zones.

    1. Zoning says 2 story. You can’t go up until the zoning is changed. I’m all for it, but someone can’t just proposed a four story project

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