A number of large Production, Distribution and Repair (PDR) spaces in San Franciscos Southern Bayview District, as well as elsewhere in the city, have been quietly been converted to indoor “grow houses” over the past few years, with businesses providing the equipment needed to maintain indoor grow houses such as full spectrum LED grow lights and other growing tools. However, there are multiple other ways that people like to grow plants. Another growing method used by some people is hydroponics. This technique doesn’t use soil in the growth process, but instead makes use of mineral solutions in a water solvent. These are just some of the ways that “grow houses” are conducted.

With the semi-recent passage of Californias Adult Use of Marijuana Act (a.k.a. Proposition 64) back in 2016, the sale of recreational cannabis was legalized at the beginning of this year meaning it was legal for growers to start looking for Marijuana Seeds for Sale to start their business. And with a subsequent increase in demand, and a new amnesty program in place, a growing number of the aforementioned facilities are now seeking to legalize and/or expand their operations. This also includes the growth of businesses similar to i love growing marijuana have that found themselves fulfilling the growing demand.

And if their required Conditional Use Applications are approved by Planning, existing code violations and illegal improvements within the grow facilities will need to be addressed to become aboveboard “Cannabis Cultivation Centers.”

Ultimately, growing marijuana is a complex process that involves a precise understanding of optimal cultivation conditions. Different strains of marijuana plants, such as these sunset sherbet seeds, have unique requirements that must be met in order to produce a healthy and potent yield. Are you considering growing marijuana plants? Remember to always do your research first to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by formerly%whatever

    Wouldn’t even these be moving to lower cost locations?

    • Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

      Yup. It would only cost a couple hundred dollars to ship a million dollars of weed from Lake County to the Bay Area.

      • Posted by recaptchacomingatcha

        Interesting. What are the advantages of growing in urban areas? Does seem like a very high cost use.

        • Posted by Richard

          Very high.

        • Posted by Pioneer

          Indoor grows produce higher quality product. The cloning and trimming process is labor intensive and there is a labor force here. Investors, owners, and workers want to live in the city and for the most part would not be comfortable living in Lake County–which is the equivalent of our Ozarks. Consumers are concentrated in the city, including huge numbers of cannabis tourist. Suppliers of grow-industry products, fertilizers, pumps, lights, etc sell at more competitive prices. For now indoor urban grows can support the higher costs here. A grower can easily control the entire process from clone to consumer here.

          • Posted by Outoftown

            Even indoor grows will move to lower cost areas over time. The industry has not been welcome in most cities in the lower cost counties, but the attitude is changing at least for growing for out of the area consumers.

  2. Posted by Charles Gill

    What if the burgeoning supply of concentrates reduces thc to a lowest common denominator and all the growing takes place in the central valley?

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