Dubbed “The Perch,” the nearly 8-acre Silicon Valley estate owned by Yahoo’s former Chief Marketing Officer in Woodside, which includes over 7,000 square feet of finished space, with a four-bedroom main home, a pool house with a full kitchen, an adjacent guest house, an exercise studio, terraced lawns, a tennis court and a gentlewoman’s vineyard of Pinot Noir vines, hit the market priced at $12.4 million early last year.

And having been relisted anew for $10.5 million this past September, reduced to $9.5 million in October, dropped to $8.3 million in February and then reduced to $7.875 million at the beginning of July, the sale of 835 La Honda Road has just closed escrow with a $6.7 million contract price.

10 thoughts on “Former Yahoo Exec’s Perch Fetches 54 Percent of Original Price”
  1. I finally looked at all the pics and the marketing video. That is a lot of house and land for 6.7, and it should be gorgeous once some of the gaudier changes are reverted (a minor effort). Congrats to the buyer! Only real point to note is that commute times to fb and google are brutal from here, but if you work on sand hill or have sporadic office hours, this is nice.

  2. The monthly/yearly cost of up keep on a beautiful home and landscape like this I would think would deter many for whom $7 million in Pacific Heights would be much less worrisome.

  3. Considering the owner paid only $3.2 million for it they still did well unless they put in multi millions worth of improvements after purchase.

    1. Originally constructed in 1958, the home was completely remodeled and expanded, including a new state of the art gym and guest suite, and the grounds redone, after the purchase in 2013.

  4. I think the design is eclectic and not to most buyers tastes hence the price cuts. Ironic that it was done up by the Chief Marketing Officer of a company that really did not do well. Maybe marketing was one of the issues Lol.

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