The underdeveloped downtown Berkeley site at 2009 Addison Street, upon which the former Collier Motor Sales building and garage sits, was purchased by the adjacent Berkeley Repertory Theater (BRT) back in 1995.

As proposed and newly rendered below, a seven-story building will rise up to 75 feet in height upon the Addison Street site, with 40 studio and 5 two-bedroom apartments over a new set production workshop, rehearsal studio, and classroom space for The School of Theatre, a BRT facilitate.

As envisioned, the 45 apartments would be provided free-of-charge to BRT actors, artists, fellowship program participants and theater professionals, housing which the BRT provides but is currently forced to rent elsewhere throughout the City.

And while the proposed building, which could be permitted by the City this week, is rendered with a large garage door to facilitate loading, unloading and workshop access, the only “parking” for residents consists of racks for 71 bikes.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Trevor N

    Awesome! Decent design and I like that they don’t have any parking in this location. Fitting that this is replacing a empty run-down lot. Lets get ‘er built.

  2. Posted by jose

    This is what needs to be done at the Marsh on Valencia.

  3. Posted by SFLandlord

    Uhhh who is paying for this “free” housing?

    • Posted by SocketSite

      Well, considering the site is owned by the Berkeley Repertory Theater (BRT), which is currently paying market-rate rents for its actors and artists elsewhere in the city, as we reported above…

  4. Posted by Tipster

    This is becoming a trend. Google is moving firmly to the south and will be building 10,000 units of housing as part of the new office space. Facebook is expanding firmly into Menlo Park and will also be building housing instead of just office.

    Companies are realizing that a large part of their compensation is being pocketed by local landlords and they are not going to continue to allow that.

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