As we first reported back in 2016:

With the lease for the Shell station on the corner of Fifth and Folsom expiring early next year, plans for a slender eight-story building to rise on the western quarter of the 300 Fifth Street site, which is officially its own parcel, have been drafted by Elevation Architects.

300 5th Street Site

As proposed, the 905 Folsom Street building would rise to a height of 85 feet and includes nine condos (5 full-floor two-bedrooms and 4 half-floor one-bedrooms) over 1,300 square feet of ground-floor commercial space and a roof deck for residents above.

And as the existing service station’s underground tanks lie under the eastern portion of the two-parcel site, it’s possible the ground could be broken for 905 Folsom Street while the rest of the 300 5th Street site, which remains zoned for development up to 85 feet in height per San Francisco’s proposed Central SoMa Plan, is undergoing its required remediation.

The formal application to move forward with the slender eight-story development as outlined above has now been submitted to Planning for approval and demolition and building permits have since been requested.

As envisioned, the ground floor commercial space fronting Folsom Street will be outfitted for a restaurant.  And yes, plans for a hotel to rise on the eastern portion of the 300 5th Street site have been drafted as well.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by oh my

    Throw in the CW Hotel site.

  2. Posted by Hunter

    Great, wish they could pay the gas station to end the lease early and move on. Then let’s go taller on the two corners on the east side of the street!

  3. Posted by Martin

    But where will the taco truck go?

  4. Posted by Condo Boy

    As a resident living on the 200 block of 5th, this news makes my day.

  5. Posted by Anonymous

    Where r we supposed to get gas?

    • Posted by JustLooking

      Two very different answers to your question:

      1. A different gas station – written using sarcasm font :); and

      2. Those who are happy that this station will be gone don’t care. The belief could be that fewer gas stations = fewer cars. I tend to believe it means the same # of cars, but now driving further (aka, more emissions) to get the fuel they need. Better solution: Higher gasoline prices & taxes. You show me $6-$7 gas and I believe people will drive less. The result: lower emissions.

      • Posted by Big D

        Can someone just post a map of the onslaught of gas stations throughout the city so people can stop complaining about there being no gas stations.

        • Posted by Hunter

          Amen! There are wayyyyy too many, even if we got rid of half of them. It’s not like drivers aren’t passing 10-20 gas stations on every trip they take (they are).

          • Posted by jimbo

            i drive frequently and usually have to divert to find a gas station. im not complaining, but i have never passed more than 2-3 gas stations on any trip across SF. on most trips , i might pass 1, but its not a problem yet as there are not yet lines at gas stations. when that happens, they will raise the price and stop selling off the stations

          • Posted by Hunter

            Do you not take the freeways? I’m genuinely curious where you go to only pass 1 gas station, because in SoMa alone there are 7.

          • Posted by jimbo

            coming from the westside. take freeways from octavia

    • Posted by SFMichael

      As this gas station seems to always charge about 60 cents more a gallon then the Cheveron on 6th and Harrison, I’m not seeing it as a huge loss.

    • Posted by Serge

      There are services that will deliver gas to you. Booster, Filld, Yoshi, and perhaps some others.

  6. Posted by jimbo

    isnt this part of central soma? couldnt they make it 15 or so floors?

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