Purchased for $749,000 in 1988, the two-story Western SoMa building at the corner of Folsom and Langton Streets, which was home to the recently shuttered BrainWash cafe and laundromat for nearly three decades, is now on the market with a $4.95 million price tag.

The 4,000-square-foot Folsom Street parcel upon which the 1122-1126 Folsom Street building currently sits is zoned for development up to 65 feet in height, the highest height to which the adjacent new development at 99 Rausch, which has been fingered for the demise of BrainWash, now rises.

But do keep in mind that the existing building, which was built in 1923, has been identified as a potential historic resource and contributor to the Western SoMa Light Industrial and Residential Historic District.

And yes, the seller founded BrainWash in 1989 but then sold the business, while keeping the building, a few years later. We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

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  1. Posted by Amewsed

    Glad the developers @ Rausch kept the top of the steel frame discussed in the thread three years ago. Not sure how this building can be construed as a historical relic. A few more hurdles to jump through before demolition then?

  2. Posted by Neighborhood Activist

    I have a soft spot for that building; my partner and I met and had our first date at BrainWash, more than a decade ago. I was sad when it closed.

    But yeah, I’d expect that somebody will buy it to knock down and build up.

  3. Posted by scott f

    Good. Wait for SB827 to pass and then build 10 stories with a density bonus.

  4. Posted by ldr

    bummer. sf used to be cool.

    • Posted by scott f

      Bummer BrainWash closed, but that’s old news. Now that it’s gone, I don’t see a tiny vacant building adding much coolness to the neighborhood. Better to bring lots of new people and maybe a cool new business can start.

      • Posted by two beers

        “[…] cool new business […]”

        I think a ground floor medical clinic will be a really cool new business. Or maybe an H&R Block. Or just leave it vacant, so that the developers don’t have to risk higher loan payments triggered by lower rent. In any case, the inevitable and imposing dark reflective glass frontage is sure to help build neighborhood camaraderie and increase street safety.

    • Posted by that_dude

      As someone who lived around the corner from Brainwash for almost 10 years: Good Riddance. They outwardly exercised bigotry.

      Secondly, after coming home from work every day.. there were crowds of people, and all they did was smoke pot and leave trash everywhere. They rarely even purchased a drink. If they actually spent money at the place, I’m sure they would have thrived and stayed in business.

      • Posted by scott f

        Saving everyone a click: the supposed “bigotry” was against Republicans. I’m fine with folks who support racist kleptocracy not feeling welcome, and I think that’s understood in SF even when there isn’t a sign.

        • Posted by that_dude

          “I’m fine with folks who support racist”… enough said. The problem with SF, right there.

          • Posted by Ohlone Californio

            Republican is not a race last time I checked.

          • Posted by that_dude

            I know, he said it. I quoted it. But the fact that he said it. He probably supports the “Queers hate tech people” campaign aroudn the city. Reminds me of when the Nazi’s used to write slanderer towards Jews on their establishments.

          • Posted by Brian M

            Given that they control Congress, the White House, and many State houses, only the player of the world’s smallest violin would feel sorry for oppressed Republicans. HUMORLESS oppressed Republicans, I might add…

          • Posted by Amewsed

            Queers hate tech people? How do they feel about Tim Cook? Are some tech queers okay and others not? I should thumb through my high school copy of George Orwell’s Animal Farm again.

          • Posted by Ohlone Californio

            Godwin’s Law for the loss

        • Posted by Sabbie

          You should read up on what insiders like Tim Ferriss (who recently moved to Austin) and Sam Altman are saying about the SF/SV PC culture. Hint- it’s oppressive, out of control, and beginning to stifle progress.

          • Posted by Ohlone Californio

            Meh. Sam Altman also says to not discriminate against close minded types if they happen to be very good at what they do.

          • Posted by Amewsed

            I just read the articles you mentioned from Inc. and Tim Ferriss on Reddit. Yes, my analogy to Animal Farm stands. When I was in NYC, I told people (when they asked) I was from a small village called San Francisco and see if they ever heard of it. Never failed to get a chuckle, and my desired table at restaurants.

      • Posted by Cynthia

        You mean they refused to serve people whose party platform officially calls for the brainwashing of gay people?

        Please defend that.

  5. Posted by epic donkey

    You forgot gym/pilates studio!

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