The plans to develop a new six-story building on the Mission District parcel at 2976 Mission Street, plans which would require demolishing the existing two-story building on the site, do not include a replacement space for Old Jerusalem.

But fans of the restaurant have no fear, and in fact prepare to celebrate, it’s planning to move three doors down to the former, and three times larger, Hot Press site at 2966 Mission Street.

That being said, we’ll note the 2966 Mission Street parcel is zoned for (the eventual) development up to 65 feet in height as well.

6 thoughts on “The New Old Jerusalem”
  1. Sweet! No offense to the owners but Hot Press always looked like sort of a waste of space to me. Kind of business that should be run out of a very small storefront. Probably just got their lease when the spaces in that part of Mission were ridiculously cheap.

  2. All great, although Hot Press’ building looks like an even better development oppty than Old Jerusalem’s current location!

  3. a) existing building is a historic façade, (the neighboring buildings show the value of the existing building) the two buildings at left would be better sites for redevelopment. (SF Preservation Commission should be involved in this one)

    b) the Hot Press site is more attuned to density and height.

  4. old Jerusalem and hot press are the same owners. They closed hotpress because they wanted to make old Jerusalem bigger. So now they will/can take reservations and parties. Old Jerusalem was planning to move locations way before the new plans for the building.

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