1234-1268 Grant Street

The required variance to convert the second and third floors of the North Beach restaurant at 1268 Grant Avenue, which is currently doing business as Tamarind Hall, into four apartments with a garden roof deck has been approved.

And with the paperwork to secure the building permits for the conversion having been filed, but not yet secured, the restaurant space – which includes the adjacent 1234 Grant Avenue building, which was once the historic La Pantera Café and subsequently merged for Lorenzo Petroni’s storied Basta Pasta back in 1988 – is now on the market for $3.78 million.

Regardless, the ground floor of the space is slated to remain a single restaurant and bar.

3 thoughts on “North Beach Restaurant in Play with Plans to Apartmentize”
  1. It’s nice to see something converted into four apartments– it seems all too common that multiple apartments are converted into one super-luxury mega-apartment.

  2. Basta Pasta was there in the 70’s. It reopened in ’88 but was short lived I believe. In the 70’s (when Grant was still cool and you could linger over a beer for hours at Cafe Tivoli) Basta Pasta was where you took out of town guests for an affordable fun meal. It was awesome.

  3. The headline made me think this was about North Beach Restaurant. Might be less confusing if the headline read ‘Restaurant in North Beach.’

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