Plans for a seven-unit residential building to rise up to four stories in height upon the undeveloped portion of Cha Cha Cha’s Haight Street parcel at 1801 Haight Street have been drawn and submitted to the City for review.

As envisioned, Cha Cha Cha’s existing building on the corner would remain in place, untouched and operational, while the “addition” would include another 440 square feet of retail space on its ground floor fronting Shrader Street and a roof deck for residents above.

We’ll keep you posted as the vision and plans for the site evolve.

7 thoughts on “Cha Cha Condos in the Haight?”
    1. Given the height of existing multifamily buildings on Shrader, Waller, Stanyan, etc., there *should* be no basis for opposition to this. “Should” of course being a relative word, in San Francisco…

  1. My first apartment was in the building directly to the left. In fact, my bedroom window overlooked that back lot… i can still smell the fried calamari…

  2. Wow, neat, hope it happens. Also, thanks for reminding me of cha cha cha. Haven’t been there in years but used to love it so much. A different city…

  3. Cha cha cha uses some of that space out back for daily cleanup, trash disposal, deliveries, etc. Wonder where they’ll move those outdoor functions to?

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