2398 30th Avenue

Speaking of illegal group housing setups in San Francisco, if you’re arguing that your property isn’t actually being used as an un-permitted “hacker hostel,” the second complaint for which was filed last month, you might not want to prominently feature the property on your HacknSleep website (cheesy muzak alert), nor on Airbnb or

2398 30th Avenue on Airbnb

Then again, despite the various listings and online booking options, it would appear that San Francisco’s Planning Department closed the first complaint about the operation five months ago, based on a statement from the property owner that HacknSleep was not actually present at the property. We’re guessing those weren’t the droids they were looking for either. And no, that’s not a legal parking space on the sidewalk above.

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  1. Posted by 101

    This building was sold about two years ago. It includes the skinnyish building with the fire escape and commercial property below. No surprise it was hacked up for temp rentals.

  2. Posted by Wai Yip Tung

    Six people packed in one room. Hackers can’t even afford SRO. That’s how expensive San Francisco has become.

    • Posted by Futurist

      No. not true at all. These so called hackers just don’t WANT to pay for a decent room. They’re too cheap.

  3. Posted by Dave

    Does the City tag that car for illegal parking? Probably not – my neighborhood is riddled with that kind of abuse including people parking in front of fire hydrants – overnight when the meter folks are not around. Drive by the Lake Merced apartments early and a line of large RVs (as many as 20) are oftentimes parked. Maybe some are being lived in? Bottom line, SF streets have become an eyesore – as this photo shows.

    Of course the visual clutter of SF streets is a side effect of the cramming of more and more folks into SF – legally or not.

    The result is the notable deterioration of the quality of life here in the past 5 – 10 years. Too many transient residents, too many folks out to make a buck while they can. Too few people who seem to care about it all.

    • Posted by 101

      With regards to the parked car Dave, call 311 and report it. P&A will be out to cite. I do it all the time and my neighbors love it. But, it is up to you to report it.

      • Posted by Chuck

        Use the app- then you can track status and submit a pic.

    • Posted by jwb

      If SF cited every car parked illegally in the Sunset they’d run out of paper.

      • Posted by Mark

        Exactly! I live two blocks from here and the area not only has rampant violations of parking on sidewalks, but also homeowners paving over their front yards. The city does nothing about it.

      • Posted by j ramos

        and raise a lot of money for the city

      • Posted by Bart Samsung

        they would also have enough money to put every homeless person in a condo and whatever. lucky for us, they don’t, because who wants to push tax funded unionized employees to do the work they are alleged to be hired to do? So long as they can trick you with PC language and faces, you’ll keep votin’ em in!

    • Posted by gentrified is a dirty word for clean

      Who do you call to report RV dwelling? I mean, if you actually want something done about it. The entire “Potrero Flats” neighborhood is essentially an RV park.

      • Posted by SFcitizen

        I call the SFPD Non-Emergency number 415-553-0123. The operater asks for vehicle description, license plate number (don’t forget the state), and they may ask for a number of humans in the vehicle.

    • Posted by cleverpunhere

      One individual’s decision to park on the sidewalk is not the result of population density.

    • Posted by run

      That Lake Merced comment is right on. That place looks like a refugee center at dawn. I suppose the fishing in the lead contaminated pond may be outstanding. Not sure why they haven’t gravitated toward the magnificent open space and foodstuffs of the next door Olympic Club…

  4. Posted by ohmy

    Heck this looks like a mirror image of what we had going on in our lofts last year. If the guy who rented it is asian i bet its the same operation.

  5. Posted by Poor in Potrero

    Is the wood balcony on the property next door over the property line?

    • Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

      Those two buildings are the same property.

  6. Posted by Matt in Uptown

    6 young people in a single room, bet it smells wonderful.

  7. Posted by Neighborhood Activist

    We need a short recession, to send jokers like this — and, probably, their tenants — back to wherever they came from.

  8. Posted by Karl

    Rinky dinky outfit, pretty desperate in my book. The L will ensure turnover – like the rest of the Westside, the light rail tracks are totally done and broken. Noise and vibration/jolts from a passing train are unbearable if you stay right on Taraval.

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