829 27th Avenue Oakland

The JingleTown Recording studio which has seen the likes of Iggy Pop, Machine Head, Smash Mouth and Green Day (who purchased the 16,000 square foot studio complex at 829 27th Avenue in Oakland’s Jingletown neighborhood and opened it up to the public in 2012) is quietly on the market for $3.9 million.

According to the marketing materials, while the well-established studio could be used by a new owner-user, the flexible spaces offer the “possibility for live-work or co-working conversion.” And the offering memorandum touts: “opportunity for redevelopment.”

6 thoughts on “Green Day’s JingleTown Studio on the Market for $3.9M”
  1. The zoning is CIX-2 (commercial/industrial mix); residential uses are prohibited, except for emergency shelters.

    The site is immediately adjacent to RM (residential) and HBX (housing/business mix) zones, so it may be possible to ask the city for a rezoning (recently done for the Lucasey Lofts project) but there’s no guarantee it would be granted.

    1. It’s also – as pictured – directly adjacent to one of the busiest and truck-laden highways in the state. I guess it’s a tribute to modern soundproofing techniques that they managed a recording studio there, but would someone really want to live there?

      1. Madison Park Financial is currently building two medium sized (4 story) projects a few blocks away on the other side of 880. So, it’s possible if not ideal. I can’t imagine justifying a $4m land price for the existing warehouse.

      2. My thoughts exactly. I suppose you could put triple pane windows in it, and it probably already has good air filtration. But not a great spot for a barbecue.

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