580 Green Street

With the former Citibank branch at 580 Green Street having closed, and the domed, two-story building at the intersection of Green, Columbus and Stockton slated to be vacated in October, the corner property is now on the market for $5.5 million.

580 Green Street Site

Purchased for $4.55 million in 2003, the roughly 3,000 square foot lot upon which the current building sits is zoned for development up to 40 feet in height and falls within the North Beach Neighborhood Commercial District (NCD).

The North Beach NCD prohibits formula retail uses and eating and drinking establishments in spaces that had been occupied by neighborhood-serving retail sales and personal services, but strongly encourages redevelopment for small-scale, neighborhood-serving businesses and housing above the second floor.

The adjacent North Beach Restaurant to the north (1512 Stockton) isn’t part of the deal and is a registered Historic Resource (which this building is not).

17 thoughts on “Prime North Beach Corner on the Market, Zoned for More Height”
  1. What a treasure! (Yes I AM serious – or somewhat so – in that this is a unique building for SF…probably b/c it looks more like in belongs in Algiers or Phoenix or some Star Trek set). Let’s hope if something else gets built there they hoist this atop it.

  2. The old Imperial Savings building. I opened my first savings account there. Building is okay looking, nothing special. Change is good. If I am ever in the neighborhood, my place of interest is Liguria Bakery for their focaccia.

  3. Aaron Peskin will indeed have many things to say to anyone proposing new development here. Might end-up being 90% affordable housing, two market-rate condos and retail on the ground. Oh, and that’s after five years of legal battles. Might as well go have a drink at Tony Nik’s because this is going to take a while.

    1. You left out only two stories high to match the existing building that is being “destroyed” to make it.

    2. Yeah, I wish good luck to anyone who tries to do anything here, either with the existing building or a new one.

    3. ha. Like Aaron Peskin wants affordable housing in his neighborhood? That’s a good one. Man does that guy have people fooled.

  4. That overhead shot perfectly captures the hot mess that decades of SF Planning Department feckless bungling has done to this city.

    Today I was at 17th and Valencia and noted that the city is letting some restaurant run an 18 inch diameter kitchen chimney tube run up the >outside< of a vintage wood apartment building to the roof. Meanwhile people who want to build something nice in a desolate block spend years fighting the city over what exactly?

  5. How right you are, Ross T. After Nik’s, we’ll head to the Saloon, it is going to take a VERY long time.

  6. This should be a fabulous outdoor restaurant with part of it being a great north beach market! Remember Italian village grocery store? North beach needs a full service grocery store with outside tables and a cafe. Let’s keep North Beach alive with charm and flavor. I say forget going up and keep the street sunny and vibrant with beautiful fruits and vegetables and fresh flowers displayed outside!

    After Tony Nicks We can have a few drinks at Gino and Carlos as well as original Joes, Petes, Sodinis, ideale, Tonys, North Beach Restaurant, Park Tavern and Firenze by night! cuz this one is going to have a lot of fight back! Viva our Bella North Beach!

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