2755 Fillmore 2016

Having been completely remodeled and listed for $12,500,000 in October of 2013, the sale of 2755 Fillmore Street closed escrow with a recorded contract price of $9,999,998 that November, a price which would have cost the sellers, and provided the City, $50,000 more in transfer tax had it been the even $10,000,000 as reported on the MLS.

And having sat vacant over the past two and a half years, the Pacific Heights home is now officially back on the market, as first reported by a plugged-in reader early last month, and priced at $13,250,000 or $2,577 per finished square foot.

13 thoughts on “Buyer Looking to Cash Out on a Banked Pacific Heights Home”
  1. They may have overpaid when they got this; do not see this fetching anywhere near new ask of $13 MIL. Know the house. great view, and assume it s a great reno. But its not that large, which a lot of big ticket buyers require, curb appeal is blah, and it’s on Fillmore Street. Steep block. Bus route also i think.

    1. I think this block is too steep for the 22 Fillmore, so it runs a block over on Steiner Street.

  2. Ugh… This has zero chance of selling at this price. I think I mentioned this is the other thread, but this house has been empty since the previous sale.

    It has great views, but an awkward layout. It’s a great townhouse for someone who visits SF a couple of times a year, but it’s not on Broadway or Vallejo so I can’t imagine a local resident wanting a prime address falling in love with it when you can get a house on Pacific, Vallejo, or even Maple for almost 1/2 the price. The awkward relationship with 2300/2304 Broadway also doesn’t help.

    Finally, an Oakland based realty company? Weird. My prediction: withdrawn.

  3. Question: IF the stock market stays strong does anyone think this sells for even $10 MIL? 8.5?

  4. Wrong side of the street, but if you could hypothetically change the address to 2888, that would sell…

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