Having undergone a high-end but traditional styled renovation, the 4,064 square foot home at 2755 Fillmore Street was listed for $4,995,000 in July of 2010 and sold for $4,970,000 that August.


Having been renovated anew over the past three years, this time in a more contemporary style, the Pacific Heights home is back on the market and asking $12,500,000 as first noted by a plugged-in reader last week.


While not listed with the square footage this time around, in the words of our reader: “The footprint of this property didn’t really allow for much expansion. The spa room seems new, but that’s about it.” If that’s the case, call it close to $3,000 a square foot.


As plugged-in people know, the record setting price for 2950 Broadway on San Francisco’s Billionaires Row was roughly $3,182 per square foot.

∙ Listing: 2755 Fillmore (4/4.5) – $12,500,000 [2755fillmorest.com]

22 thoughts on “From Classic To Contemporary And Close To $3,000 A Square Foot”
  1. Wonder if the seller would take Twitter private stock as payment? Otherwise I’d guess the house will sit until just after the IPO…can’t imagine anyone is rushing to pay $3,000 psf unless it’s with funny money

  2. A friend of mine toured it and said it was 5k, but I question that… I can’t really guess what will happen here. There is a comp to justify the ppsf (2845)… I don’t think the Tobonis bought this one… They’re just the contractor and realtor. They did a nice job given the slightly awkward shape of the property. I think it was really creative to pull the living room wall in a few feet to create the balcony. I believe there were bay windows before.
    Anyway, best of luck selling it… Hell, even I hope this sells at asking.

  3. Am I the only one having trouble viewing the gallery images of the interior on the listing site? Keeps giving me an error message.

  4. @anon 3:44pm….The railing is there, it’s glass . My question is, what happens if the property below is built up and the view becomes blocked? ( or is if a protected view?)

  5. Anon 94123 The property below is the temple of the Vedenta Society. It’s unlikely to be developed in the near future.

  6. This would be the flip of the century if they net 7 mil after a 3-year hold and some cheap Dwell reno! Nice work if you can get it!

  7. Just in time for the America’s Cup…., or make that Fleet Week….. oh, wait…
    I think this has an extremely hard time selling over $10M. These three lots (2300/2306 Broadway) could have been had over the past 5 years for about ~$15M, and with some level of planning and hard work you could have had one heck of property. Instead you have 3 red headed step-children each of whom has a level of compromise + improvements that will never be undone. Sad.
    I’d price this at the same price as a condo with “10” views. I’ll go with 2500/psf just as a shot in the dark. I wouldn’t purchase this home for $10m with zero yard. For 3000/psf there would need to be some level of exotic or otherworldly finishes. The state of the home lends itself to just minimalist lines and finishes, which they accomplished here nicely, I just don’t think they have the requisite space / finishes to command 3k. Even 2.5k/psf will be difficult.
    I do wish them all the best.

  8. It is priced way off. dont know who the broker is, dont care.
    there are many many options in the $8-10 mil range that would cause anyone informed t opt out of this one . reasons –
    this is located on fillmore street, not bway, not pacific.
    the “bones” are Ok, not great…
    exterior character and curb appeal are good, not great.
    no yard.
    no set back
    the reno is mid range, ordinary.
    $2000 PSF would be a home run here… !!

  9. Admittedly, I’m not privy to the machinations and negotiations behind this kind of deal. But how do you end with a final of price of “OK – we’ll go $2.00 just under $10M! and not a penny more!”.

    1. In Chinese, 9 means forever and 8 means proper(ous). Therefore, “Forever (6x) Prosperous” sounds better than “Forever (6x) Forever”.

      1. Doesn’t 7 have bad connotations? If so that explains the desire to avoid Forever (7x)

  10. There loan approval was for $10M, not a dollar more!
    Sold for more than I thought so very good outcome for seller.

  11. Guess who’s back? No one ever moved in here. It’s been vacant for 3 years. I dunno the asking price.

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