2785V Diamond Street

As we first reported when a vacant Glen Park lot hit the market last month listed for under $200K:

“Billed as a “vacant lot zoned (for a two unit building) in the Glen Park Area” with views for only $199,900, the listing for “2785 Diamond Street” also casually mentions that the buyer is “advised to investigate [the] potential use of this property,” a piece of property which is actually a stub 914-square-foot parcel adjacent to the two-unit building which was constructed at 2785-2787 Diamond.”

And as we also noted at the time, “we’re not expecting a bidding war.”

Yesterday, the sale of the Diamond Street lot closed escrow with a contract price of $165,000.

No official word on the buyer or plans for the parcel, the potential for which is open to debate, but we’ll keep you posted and plugged-in. Perhaps the buyer will just start digging, permits be damned.

UPDATE: And for those wondering why the vacant parcel appears to be so well maintained, it’s also known as the Glen Park Village Garden. Or at least it was.

Glen Park Village Garden Sign

13 thoughts on “Glen Park Lot Sells For Under $200K!”
  1. Start talking to minimalist, Dutch or Japanese architects who specialize in such sites… could be a great design… for (1) slender building… No parking, lots of light through the building, great views, and with the AHDP probably can go up 3 stories….

  2. I hope the people next door bought it, this is pure insanity if they try to build a house on it. Although… I’d love to see the “Developer Builds On Glen Park Lot, Asking $1.5 Million” story on here a year from now.

  3. that would be such a fun challenge! the design i mean, not the inevitable political bs of building on something that someone surely views as “their yard”/”the community’s green space”.

  4. What gets me is that the lot looks fairly well-gardened. Someone is loving it. Is that the person who finally bought it?

  5. This lot is even smaller than it looks, the concrete stairs on the left are part of an alley that runs through the block behind the houses on Surrey (Although I think access is blocked past this lot)

  6. Yeah, tiny, will be interesting to watch. I do love that stretch of Diamond, though, with those great street trees winding uphill.

  7. Right now there is a earnest young man combing out his healthy beard, with perspiration rolling down his forehead as he clicks nervously through various ‘tiny house’ blogs, wondering if he’s made a poor decision with his grandmother’s inheritance.

    1. Does soccermom ever lose? How does she maintain this endless winning streak? Inquiring minds want to know, a lot.

  8. It’s a great location for a neighborhood coffee or flower shop. I doubt the zoning would permit commercial though.

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