12 Canyon Road Aerial

Purchased for $9.3 million twelve months ago when listed for $695K more, the eight-bedroom Ross estate on five acres at 12 Canyon Road has just returned to the market listed for $305K less ($8.995 million).

Built in 2006 with a large level lawn, outdoor kitchen and fireplace, pool, spa and cabana, the home traded hands for $8.75 million in 2011 as well.

12 Canyon Road Yard

9 thoughts on “$9 Million Ross Estate Newly Listed At A Loss”
    1. My guess is to create a sense of division between the open kitchen/dining area and living room.

      I don’t think you’re using the phrase ‘just sayin’ correctly. You’re suppose to say something more insulting, hurtful or stupid, then use ‘just sayin’ to absolve yourself of having to defend said comment. Your question is a reasonable one to debate, so I don’t think it was necessary there.

  1. Looks like upcoming quarterly earnings disappointment and perhaps slowing revenue growth. At least its not insider trading.

  2. ahhh, thank you for the eye candy socketsite.

    [Editor’s Note: You’re very welcome. But hopefully it’s more than simply empty-calorie eye candy and also a little food for thought.]

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