2000-2070 Bryant Street Rendering

Reports that the proposed 274-unit development to rise across the majority of the 2000 block of Bryant Street in the Mission “has been put on hold indefinitely” are being overblown.

While it is true that the project team is pausing its push to secure approvals, and doing so in the name of considering changes to address community concerns with respect to the development’s mix of uses and design, revisions are par for the course when it comes to development in San Francisco.

That being said, it is disingenuous for the project team to suggest that the uncertainty associated with Ballot Measure I, which if adopted this November would suspend large market-rate developments in the Mission for at least 18 months and up to 30, isn’t playing into the timing of the “pause.”

5 thoughts on “Reports Of Mission Development’s Indefinite Pause Are Overblown”
  1. I don’t understand the comment in the final paragraph given that SS had previously reported that the developer was rushing to secure issuance of demolition/building permits in time to avert the effect of a moratorium. Is the ballot initiative couched in language which would retroactively revoke permits issued before any passage in November?

  2. Yup, they’re scared of prop I passing. No chance this’ud get permitted before the moratorium passes. Might as well cut their losses and wait it out. Uncertainty.

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