The 3-acre Woodside estate which Yahoo!’s Chief Development Officer purchased for $5.8 million in 2013 – shortly after she and CEO Marissa Mayer penned the infamous memo which banned employees from working remotely and she started commuting to Sunnyvale from her home in New York – has just hit the market listed for $7.236 million.

In addition to a four-bedroom home, the gated property at 418 Albion Avenue includes a pool, tennis court, orchard and vineyard. The property had been listed for $7.5 million in 2012 and was reduced four times before selling to the CDO.

17 thoughts on “Yahoo! Exec Lists Woodside ‘Pied-A-Terre’ For $7.2 Million”
  1. You can’t have a pied a terre in the suburbs. This is called a house.

    [Editor’s Note: There’s a reason it’s in quotes. (And “Yahoo! Exec With Primary Residence In New York Lists Woodside House Purchased To Have A Foot On The Ground Near The Company” didn’t have quite the same ring to it.)]

      1. “Where did I put my skis? Right, it is along the ledge in the ceiling of the living room, bedroom, or dining room.”

    1. If they play tennis… sure.

      If you use that logic (use it or lose it), most places wouldn’t come with kitchens…

  2. Sorry to nitpick, but perhaps the first paragraph of this article could be rewritten so it is more than one giant run-on sentence? My brain nearly suffered a stack overflow trying to read it.

  3. A 4,370 sq ft home and the living/dining/bar/kitchen is all crammed into one room that isn’t really very big?


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