1726 Mission Street Site

Speaking of Mission District developments pushing forward, the official application to raze the former Schwarz/Home/Engelhart sausage outlet at 1726 Mission Street and construct a modern six-story building across the site has been submitted to Planning.

1726 Mission Street Rendering

As designed by Natoma Architects for Sustainable Living LLC, the project sponsor, the development includes 36 condos, 12 one-bedrooms and 24 twos, over a 900-square-foot commercial space and “glassy open lobby” fronting Mission Street with an at-grade garage for 34 cars and 40 bikes behind.

1726 Mission Rendering

In terms of the required open space for residents, the proposed building includes a 4,800 square-foot roof deck and a 1,370 square-foot “rear yard” over the garage, for which the project will need a proper rear yard variance to proceed.  We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by EcceMorons

    The ghosts of all the former animals who became sausage will haunt these condos forever.

  2. Posted by sf

    Great infill, nice design.

    • Posted by Sierrajeff

      I think it looks like a 1970s Holiday Inn. But unlike some people on here, I’m not going to rant and pout and protest its construction merely over its looks. At the end of the day, the property owner / developer can do what they want – and I’m just glad to see some infill happening.

      • Posted by Frisco

        Agreed. It’s better than what’s there, but this looks like one of the mediocre developments from the 60s that already pepper the neighborhood.

      • Posted by Brian M

        OMG! It truly does! LOL!

      • Posted by Fishchum

        I usually don’t bitch about design because I’m happy to see more housing being built – but yeah, this looks truly awful.

        • Posted by moto mayhem

          it looks like a dumpy hotel in my hometown of greenville, SC.

  3. Posted by Orland

    Interesting how the adjoining building seems to have undergone a spffing up in the rendering.

    • Posted by Sierrajeff

      Yes, and the overhead wires became mere shadows of their former selves.

  4. Posted by SFrentier

    I’ll miss that sausage superman sign. Great deal on sausages there buying factory wholesale.

    But I’m sure the mission moratorium will get in the way of this project anywazzz.

  5. Posted by Alai

    Something doesn’t compute. The lot seems to be 7500 square feet. 900 square feet for the commercial space, an unknown amount for the glassy open lobby– now how do you fit an at-grade garage for 34 cars? Some sort of stacking system? Also, the rendering seems to be missing any sort of garage entrance…

    • Posted by Metroliner

      It’s really hard to see, but according to the drawings, there is an entrance all the way on the right side of the building.

      • Posted by Mark

        Yes. And the same drawings show car stackers that descend into the ground. Looks like there’s 11 stackers with 3 cars each and one normal handicap spot. So 34 total.

        • Posted by Alai

          Interesting. No SUVs allowed in this building.

  6. Posted by Dan

    That’s not the Mission District, though.

    • Posted by Frisco

      What is it, then? Duboce Hexagon? SoSoMa?

  7. Posted by carpezeitgeist

    There are also a lot of potential jumpers staring out of the windows in the new building.

  8. Posted by BB

    That is in the Mission its south of Division….some people are never pleased.

  9. Posted by CH

    Couldn’t place it at first, but reminds me of a squat Fox Plaza.

  10. Posted by Chris

    Beautiful design. I hope it doesn’t get killed in “decision by committee” design think in the SF permitting process. *fingers crossed*

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