339 Golden Gate Avenue, Belvedere: The Pink House

Listed for $11.75 million in 2012, the asking price for “The Pink House” on Belvedere Island was reduced four times, and by nearly four million dollars, before the property, which was designed by legendary architect John Mead Howells, was withdrawn from the market in 2013.

Listed for rent at $17,500 a month early last year but currently unoccupied, 339 Golden Gate Avenue returned to the MLS three weeks ago with an asking price of $7.95 million and has closed escrow with a reported contract price of $7.9 million ($1,015 per square foot).

We fully expect the home will be gutted and reconfigured, but our fingers are crossed the living and dining room details will survive.

3 thoughts on “The Pink House Pulls $7.9 Million”
  1. I don’t get what’s so bad about the floor plan. You could easily add en-suite baths to the four bedrooms right along the hallway wall.

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