2817 24th Street

When the Roosevelt Tamale Parlor building on 24th Street in the Mission quietly traded hands for $1.85 million five months ago, the two one-bedroom flats above the restaurant were rented for $2,200 a month and the Parlor was paying $4,500 per month with a long-term lease.

While the Tamale Parlor remains in place and is turning a profit at its current rent, the two flats have since been emptied of tenants and renovated.

2817 24th Street Flat

And the entire building at 2817 24th Street, at the heart of Calle 24, is now back on the market with a $3.2 million price tag.

11 thoughts on “Roosevelt Tamale Parlor Building On The Market In The Mission”
  1. I don’t get the asking price. What are those 1 BRs w/o parking worth, as condo-convertible units? Maybe $600-$700 apiece?

    I guess someone has concluded that auctions are not the only way to sell real estate…

  2. GRM of about 26, I don’t think so. And isn’t the commercial close to market rent anyways?

    Low $2’s is more like it. It’s just pure greed. Wonder if it will be match by equally pure stupid money?

  3. For 3.2 million, Roh, from Million dollar listing, should come with the package and breakdance on demand.

  4. Could have a lot to do with the PCE discharge next door at the historic White Cleaners. Significant soil and groundwater impact. I have alway steered my clients away from that specific area. Too many potential concerns.

  5. Interesting side note here. Flippers never sold it. They refied 5 weeks ago and promptly bought a gut job on my block in Bernal 3 weeks ago. They are gutting with deliberate haste. I hope with the proceeds of their upcoming Bernal flip they can give the Parlor a break….

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