1813 Fulton Street

While reports of its imminent demise back in 2013 were well off the mark, Bistro Gambrinus at 1813 Fulton and Masonic is now on the market if you’re looking to become an envoy of beer.

The asking price of $335,000 doesn’t include the building, but it does include a five (plus) year lease and all the furnishings and equipment inside, including a tap system for 27 beers and a salamander melter (which isn’t nearly as terrifying or stomach turning as it sounds).

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Rod

    That’s a shame! That place was always a great time!

  2. Posted by MyOddCommentHandle

    my spidey sense says 2-3 stories of condos over storefront retail.

    • Posted by Dixon Hill

      With 5 years remaining on the lease, the most likely buyer of the business would be the owner of the real estate. But probably not anywhere near $335K.

    • Posted by We're All Doomed

      correction: 2-3 stories of condos over sh!tty retail space no one can really use because it’s too small to make money as a restaurant and too expensive for a store, even those crappy cutesy boutique-y bullsh!t ones that are everywhere on SF like a social disease.

  3. Posted by Jimmy The House Flipper

    Wonder who the buyer is of a business with only 5 years (at most) left to live …?

    • Posted by formidable doer of the nasty

      If the price is right, why not? But there’s no way you can make enough of a profit on this joint to amortize $335K over 5 years.

      • Posted by Dixon Hill

        Just back-of-the-envelope but someone *might* be able to make a go of it if they could take-over the business for free. Depending on how much rent they are paying. I would guess that the landlord would be in a position to negotiate a lease termination with a very small payment to the tenant. Everyone wins.

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