Founded in 1897 by Ed and Bertha Haus as the Burgundy Winery & Olive Oil Factory, a hundred years later the Eakle family purchased the winery and its 36 acres in the Vacas Mountains above Napa Valley and re-dubbed it Pope Valley.

In addition to the winery, the property includes a permitted tasting room, wine cave, 5 acres of premium vines, and the original two-bedroom farmhouse to which a couple of little additions have been made.

6613 Pope Valley Road Farmhouse

And as the saying goes, if you’re looking to make a small fortune, the Pope Valley Winery at 6613 Pope Valley Road is now on the market for $6.925 million with a vague reference to an 11% cap rate.

6 thoughts on “Looking To Make A Small Fortune?”
  1. Do you mean “make a small fortune” as in “start with a large fortune and buy a winery?”

  2. UPDATE: The asking price for the Pope Valley Winery has just been reduced another $410,000 (6.4 percent), now asking $5.985 million for the whole shebang.

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