The inventory of listed homes for sale in San Francisco ticked down around 3 percent over the past few weeks and is currently running 8 percent lower on a year-over-year basis, driven in part by an early slowdown in new listing activity moving into the summer season and a culling of listings that haven’t moved.

Of the roughly 490 homes listed for sale in the city, 46 percent are currently listed for under a million dollars.

One notable exception with respect to lower inventory levels is for multi-unit buildings, listings for which (108) have been steadily ticking up and are currently running 23 percent higher versus the same time last year.

Based simply on seasonality, listed inventory levels should continue to decline through August and then begin a sharp climb.

6 thoughts on “Inventory Of Homes For Sale In San Francisco Slips, With An Exception”
  1. I wonder if the increased supply of multi-unit buildings is due to the soft-story retrofit requirements, or to anxiety about the prospect of further rent-control / anti-eviction legislation.

    1. IMO, the increase in multi-unit sales is impacted by 3 factors: (1) More difficulty in condo conversion; (2) short term rental restrictions; and (3) the fact that all evictions, even mutually agreeable buy-outs are essentially treated the same way and have implications on further use.

    1. ‘Homes’ includes houses (single-family homes) and condos. And our counts don’t include listings which are in contract, only those which are active and available.

      1. That’s identical to what I searched… Can you confirm?

        [Editor’s Note: Our data is solid. But a basic search on quickly reveals a number of anomalies (such as returning individual TIC units in the search results for (single-family) homes).]

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