46 Mars Exterior

The modern 697-square-foot carriage house at 46 Mars, which is technically a condo as it shares a parcel with the house in front, has sold for $975,000 or $1,398 per square foot.

While small in size, the carriage house is large in style and was renovated to make the most of its space, with four distinct areas across its upper level (dining, kitchen, bathroom, living) and even a proper bedroom below.

The Corona Heights home was listed for $789,000 last month.

13 thoughts on “697-Square-Foot Carriage House Fetches $1,400 Per Foot”
  1. The glazing work on those corner windows looks great. I hope that joint is well sealed. Is it a steel beam or engineered wood holding up that corner? I guess if you can sell it for $1,400 psf, you can get creative with the structure. Nice work!

    1. Simple cantilever with either a wood or steel beam.
      Butt glazing at corner windows is pretty standard with silicone sealant and good contractors. Nothing unusual.

      1. It’s not my place to opine on butt glazing but I think these techniques are not usually found on 700SF cottages.

          1. But I know what you are thinking…

            Congratulations to the new homeowners. It is a cute place.

    2. I’m now convinced that I must put up frameless corner window walls. I think this is the next NanaWall.

      1. I’ve got to assume there’s increased risk of failure for corner windows in the event of an earthquake? I’m assuming that structurally, they are more problematic in any seismic movement, because the entire construction would need to move together, and so would need to be even more isolated structurally than a normal window, which is just dealing with movement along one plane. Warning, I’m no engineer….

      2. There are frameless shower doors for a while. Can I assume the corner window walls need only to be silicone jointed every now and then? I thought Frank Lloyd Wright had done some amazing corner windows at Falling Water.

    1. I don’t understand the constant need for critics to inject their opinions in other people’s decisions. If you don’t want this house, don’t buy it. The new owner was financially capable and can buy whatever they want. And there were obviously other offer(s). The SF housing market is what it is. There is no wrong or right.

  2. The Bay Area market is much more expensive than it needs to be due to government over-regulation and restrictive zoning. Basic economics. I don’t think it’s good that only the super well off can rent or buy property, perhaps you disagree.

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