Market Street Plaza

It’s mixed news for lovers of the plaza adjacent to 525 Market Street as barricades have been installed and the area will be closed to the public through the end of the year.

But when it reopens following its makeover, the remodeled plaza will include more space for sitting and a new second-level “sun terrace” with direct access to Chipotle.

Market Street Plaza Redesign

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Oakland lover

    I walk through there everyday on the way to work and was wondering what was going on here….I personally thought the current design was fine, but it will be interesting to see the new look….and if it actually was worth the $$$ (Which is all very subjective I know!)

  2. Posted by Willow

    It’s always windy and cold. I think this more of a connection to Mission St than an actual spot to sit and enjoy lunch. It’s also popular, like most open spaces downtown, with the homeless class.

    • Posted by Emanon

      Cold, windy, and too may bums. Most every thread on Socketsite about public plazas includes some variation of this post. You Frisco folks sure do love your city.

      • Posted by Bertie Anglis

        In which wonderful city do you live?

        • Posted by Emanon

          Proud 20-year Oakland resident. You won’t find me incessantly complaining about my city on the interwebs.

          • Posted by soccermom

            Please don’t say Frisco.

          • Posted by anon

            why not? born and raised folks say Frisco. what do you have against it?

          • Posted by anon

            naah. you come here and dis another city instead. awesome use of time bro. you get a bro-nze medal

  3. Posted by Jim

    Originally designed by landscape architect Lawrence Halprin, that plaza was replaced in the 1980’s by the current design by landscape architect Cheryl Barton , then at EDAW. Now for the next phase. Time moves on.

  4. Posted by Mark

    It’s the only way to cut through from Mission to Market between 1st and 2nd. As for Emanon’s comment, we don’t call it “Frisco.” However, you are on point about nearly every thread involving a public plaza pointing out the homeless problem. And, yes, it is a huge problem.

    I’ve lived in many cities and can honestly say that Market St. is an embarrassment and hardly a draw as a supposed “world-class” city. As the city’s Main Street, it’s dirty, outdated and a homeless magnet, day and night. I’ve watched people outside of Lee’s Deli on Market/2nd be attacked by homeless while eating their lunch. Stop by the MUNI/BART entrance on Montgomery St. after 7pm and watch the group of squatters doing drugs outside the station. The half million dollar elevator outside Hallidie Plaza became a public toilet and had to be completely rehauled. And how can we forget the beautiful Civic Center…

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